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Garmin - Forerunner 645 Music GPS Heart Rate Monitor Running Watch - Black-Front_Standard

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Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars with 13 reviews

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Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars with 11 reviews



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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Watch!

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    I just wore this watch while training for, and at a full marathon and the battery lasted great, the estimated finish time was very helpful, I love this watch!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great watch for running and fitness tracker

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    I was looking for something to replace my Garmin 405 and this has been a great watch. I use the Garmin Connect App on my iPhone to keep track of my walking and running activity. I walk twice per week and run once per week. I've owned this for a month now and I've worn it day and night to keep track of steps during the day and to track my sleep at night. I like the smart watch features where I can see texts and incoming calls on the watch. I've had good luck loading a playlist from a MacBook onto the watch and listening to music on my Beats bluetooth headsets. I've noticed that if I've my arm behind my back or extended straight down along the side of my body the music will intermittently skip. If I'm running or walking I don't have any problems. The Beats receiver is in my left ear and I wear my watch on my left wrist. I've been happy with the battery life. I can easily go 3-4 days without a charge. This is the first time that I've used a heart rate monitor and that has also worked good.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    THE Running Watch


    I'm sure there's dozens of reviews that go more in-depth, but I decided to write down my thoughts and impressions since purchasing this watch. I may be a bit biased because I made quite the jump from my older Forerunner 405 to the Forerunner 645 Music. It just happened that I finally decided to upgrade shortly after Garmin announced this device. I needed something more running specifically, and the music addition was an awesome addition. So after what seemed like a forever couple months, I finally purchased the watch the day it became available. The watch is very light, pretty sleek looking with customizable watch faces and most importantly looks like a watch. I personally dislike all the bands and square watches that have been popping up. I'm sure that'sn'thing revolutionary, but the look was a big factor in addition to features. Training: I actually really enjoy the large play button when you start and the large red square when stopped. My runs so far, the GPS locates super quick. I also live in Portland, so I'm sure that helps. Although I purchased it for running, I'm still building up from an injury mostly with my road bike. The watch auto switches to MPH from pace on bike mode which is fantastic. I also was surprised at how well it tracked me on the treadmill. I don't typically run indoors, but it's nice to have the versatility. Daily: I'm sure most watches have tracks steps, and auto goal setting, but I enjoy it still. It reminds you to move at least once an hour. You also have to take more than a walk across the room to clear the move bar, which at times seems annoying, but im positive it's way better for me. It also has fireworks go off when you reach your steps goal. Small victories. It also has a "smart function". It takes the notifications from your phone and forwards them to your watch, You can't respond, but you can see them. It's wonderful at the office where I can see a text without checking my phone. The Design: My boyfriend scoffs that it'sn't a touch screen, but I purposefully avoided touchscreens. I can't imagine having to fumble with a touchscreen mid run, especially in the dread of winter. I think I'll pass. I'm a little mixed on the button layout. I understand why it's arranged like it's, but I find myself hitting the light button instead of the up button on more than one occasion. I also find it easier to wear on my right wrist. If I wear it on my left my motorcycle gloves trigger the start button and sometimes I'll find myself mid "workout" on my motorcycle. I try to alternate my wrist daily to not aggravate my skin. Battery lasts a good amount of time. I'm pretty active, so it didn't quite live up to the "5 day battery". Nonetheless I can go a few days before charging. It also charges SUPER fast. I just plug in for an hour or so in the early morning and it's good to go. Things I'm not a fan of? The GPS on trails. I have a nice short little ~0.4 mile loop park close to my house that I sometimes take my dog on. You'd think all the laps would be the same, but you'd be wrong. Somehow the map shows I took a variety of different size loops. Luckily you can edit runs and tweak the distance. I'm not sure if it's a result of the loop being so small, or the heavy trees that maybe the signal isn't as strong. The price is probably the main deterring factor. I was fortunate to have purchased something else at best buy which awarded me a gift card to help offset the price. 450 is pretty steep. And while that's steep, there's an accessory that can pair the watch and adds more measurement specs, but that's ANOTHER 70. When you register it though, you do get 10% off a Garmin accessory and 50% wireless headphones. That's a plus if you don't already have a pair. Final Verdict? Awesome. In the end, I LOVE this watch. I don't regret my purchase whatsoever. It's got everything I need as a runner and then some. Is it expensive? Definitely. But it's a pretty, sophisticated, and awesome to have. The reason I didn't ultimately award it 5 stars is I don't fully see the 450 value yet. I may update I change my mind. At least now I can enjoy being free from my phone.

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