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Griffin - Dock for SanDisk Sansa c100, c200 and e200 Series MP3 Players-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    A solid product with no frills


    This dock by Griffin is exactly as advertised. It's a dock that you can plug your Sansa into instead of the proprietary USB cable that Sandisk provides with the Sansa. . I was pleasantly surprised at the quality build of the dock. Looking at the photo, I expected a relatively cheap plastic. When I took the dock out of the packaging, I found that the case is actually built out of a fairly heavy grade plastic. To hook it up to your computer, use an included USB cable which a mini connector on the side the doc plugs into. This cable is the same style as many digital cameras and PDA's. There is also a line-out jack which I have never used. The dock also comes with spacers for the various Sansas it is designed for, so your Sansa will fit in very snugly with very little play. This is a huge plus for me. . There is a blue LED light on the front of the dock which is relatively bright. While it shows the dock is attached to your PC, it is distracting when not in use (the light stays on when not in use). There is also no separate charger, so it charges off of the USB port on your computer instead of an electrical outlet. If you let your battery get low, it takes a while to charge like this. There is no included remote with the dock, so in my mind, the line out is virtually useless. If I'm hooking it up to anything that requires a line out (like a stereo), I want a remote. . Overall, if you're looking for a home to plug your Sansa in to, this dock will work for you (and that's all I wanted it for). If you want to do much more than that, I simply cannot recommend this product. Assuming you have the E200 series, a better product for you would be the Sansa Base Station (Model SDAMX-BST, manufactured by Sandisk).

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend