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Honeywell - Wireless Home Automation Kit - White-Front_Standard

Honeywell - Wireless Home Automation Kit - White

Model: RCHS5230WF1008WSKU: 6290760

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    A solid hardware-based security suite

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

    HARDWARE: I'm impressed by the fit and finish of the hardware. The door sensors provide multiple mounting options with extenders for the sensors and holes to mount with screws if desired (screws not included). The camera base station is a nice unit. It works well and looks nice when placed in a central location in the home. The key fob has been of little use to us, as we use our phones to control the unit, but it seems to be of good quality and has excellent range. SOFTWARE: Here the picture is less rosy but it's easy to update and improve the software (hopefully). I found the default setting of alerting on every sensor trip (every open and close of the door, for example) to be very intrusive on my phone. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to set time of day (or any other) limitations on these notifications: It's either on or off. We have also had a two scary moments where the house has been empty, but the camera has alerted us to the presence of a "person" in our home. We returned to find no sign that anyone was in our home and the camera's saved video for the event also shows no indication of an actual person or indeed of any of the reported movement. These glitches aside, I have been able to configure the device to add a little peace of mind without the expense of a full security service subscription or the annoyance of constant alerts on my phone as family members check the mailbox - it just takes a little work with the default settings and reviewing video of the occasional false alarm. We haven't taken advantage of the paid Honeywell service to augment the capabilities of the system yet as we haven't seen the need. However we may consider the expense once the movement and person-recognition features become a little more refined in the software.

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      Honeywell Support

      Hi Kris1973! We truly appreciate the time you took to share your feedback and to give us the opportunity to make improvement for future products. We take your customer experience very seriously, Honeywell is committed to constantly improving and this would not be possible without your voice. Thank you again and have a great day. Honeywell

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Better Than Expected

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    I really do like this item. The only problem I had with this item during setup was when I had to have the device scan the QR code on my phone. After I tried it a few times it worked, though. All the setup is done through the app, and it is pretty simple. Attaching the sensors to the doors was easy and the instructions were clear and concise. After I had it all set up I put the app on the phones of two other people who live in my house and that worked well also. When the system is in home mode and the camera is on it will notify me each time it detects movement. After a few days I turned off the camera if someone was home and then only turned it back on at night. Otherwise I was getting notifications to my phone every 1-2 minutes that it had detected movement, which was horribly annoying. It also notifies you every time someone opens a door or window. The notifications work well and I have had no problems with them. When the camera is on it works very well also. I had the camera on while I was out of the house and every time my dog jumped off the couch to go to the window or moved to a different room the system notified me. The system sends an alert that there was movement detected and gives you the option in the app to watch a 30 second video of what triggered the alert. When the camera is on there is also the option to view the live feed. This is interesting and helpful but not absolutely necessary, which is good because sometimes I cannot get the live feed to work. Everything else works, though. When viewing the live feed you can also talk and be heard through the system. I did this while out of the house so I am not sure if the voice was actually my voice or just an automated voice. Either way, my dog heard me and came over to the system to try to figure out what was happening. I really do like the system and while it becomes annoying when the camera is on, all the rest of it is great. When I got this I actually wasn't expecting it to be this good. While it is only for inside the house you can buy other things to add on to the system for outside use, which I may do in the future. When I set up the system I set it up so that the camera can view all three of the doors in which someone can enter the house. Someone might even say that the system is too sensitive in some cases. Everyone was in the backyard, including my dog, when I got a message that there was movement in the house. I checked out the video and it turns out that there was some intense sun glare that appeared on a wall in my living room and the system thought that was enough of a change to warrant a notification.

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Needs improvements

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    Packaging: The starter kit comes with 2 sensors and couple of extenders along with a key fob. The included key-chain remote could use a few more inches of plastic, as it's too small to be a remote and too large to fit on a bundle of keys. This is not a very useful for me as I use phone to switch status. Setup: It took me less than 10 minutes to set up the Honeywell Smart Home Starter Kit. We will need to download the Honeywell Home app for iPhone or Android device. The setup wizard on the app was pretty simple and straight forward to complete the installation. Camera quality is quite good. The live camera feed is great for peeking in while you're not at home. Honeywell needs to improve facial recognition feature. I registered my face, but the Honeywell smart home security base station camera could not recognize me specifically, even as I stuck my face directly in front of the camera. It wasn't until I re-registered my face that the camera was able to accurately identify me. This feature is also limited to two face profiles, which seems extremely limited for any household. There is no professional monitoring available with the Honeywell smart home security kit which is a downside. Though we can get added benefits by paying a monthly membership fee - videos stored on Honeywell cloud. While the system is armed, an LED at the bottom of the base station will slowly pulse green. If a door is opened in the house, the base will switch to a white light and begin an accelerating 1-minute countdown. The 85-decibel alarm will sound off at the end, and while it's certainly alarming to anyone standing near it, the sound is not loud enough to attract attention from outsiders. I could barely hear the alarm over construction at my neighbor's house next door. The 85-decibel alarm is certainly alarming to anyone standing near it, but it's not loud enough to attract attention from outsiders. Honeywell has programmed some proprietary voice-activated security commands into the base station, which we can engage by saying, "OK, Security." When you use phrases like "I'm leaving" and "Bedtime," the base station will switch to Away and Night modes, respectively. Bottom Line: For do-it-yourself smart home security systems to be worthy buys, they have to be easy to set up and user-friendly. The Honeywell Smart Home Security starter kit certainly meets that criteria, but it simply costs too much for all the other stuff that's bundled in. The security camera works fine, but its facial recognition features are subpar for a device in this category. This product can have more improvements.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Good Starter System For Basic Home Monitoring

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

    I've never owned a home security system before, so this unit's my first attempt at setting one up myself. The package contains the base station w/ camera and Alexa functionality, 2 window/door sensors, and a 4 function keyfob. I personally think the price is a bit high for what you get, so it would be best to wait for a sale in my opinion. I was surprised to find only 2 sensors... would be a better deal if they had 4-6 included in the kit. I actually had a business trip planned a couple days after receiving the kit, so I was excited to test it out on my trip! The night before my trip I got everything setup and configured in less than a couple hours. I had a bit of trouble with making the sensors fit correctly on one of my doors, because of the way it was built, but other than that, the setup and configuration were very straight-forward. I downloaded the app on my Android phone, setup my account with Honeywell, and setup the Amazon Alexa to my Amazon account without any issues. I already have an Alexa, so that part was painless. The app lets you configure the base station, and setup the door/window sensors. There are 4 modes the security system can toggle between: Home, Away, Night, and Off. The Geofence capability is nice, and very easy to setup so that when you are within a certain area it automatically switches the system to Home, and Away when you are outside the defined area. I did find the minimum area to be a bit large (about a 2 block radius for me), and wish it could be smaller so when I'm at the neighbors across the street it would see me as away. Just have to remember to set it to Away manually using the app, or keyfob, or using a voice command through Alexa. So, back to my business trip! It was very cool to know when motion was detected in my house! It was also an extra sense of comfort being able to check in and "talk to" my pets through the app. I decided to subscribe to the $4.99 plan so that I could have a 30 day video history and 1500 video clips. First month is free, so I can cancel in a month if I don't feel it's necessary. The free plan allows 24 hours of video history, and there is a $14.99 plan for 60 days, 3000 clips, and unlimited extra cameras. The video clips record automatically when in Away mode, and are 30 seconds long. The app has a nice history view where you can review all the notifications, and video clips in chronological order. You can adjust the base station volume using the app, setup the wifi connection, add/remove users, devices, and change settings like whether or not the camera is on is Home and Night modes, change the Entry/Exit delay in 15 sec intervals up to 60 seconds so the system gives you a bit of time to open and close a door before sounding the alarm. I plan on adding a couple outside motion detectors and a few more window sensors. The video was fairly clear, although sometimes not the easiest to see on the phone screen. It would be nice to be able to set the length of the motion detected clips to longer than 30 seconds. I think overall there are many things that could be improved upon in the application, but it does the job fairly well. There is facial recognition, but it was a bit tricky to setup and took several attempts at certain angles it wants you to position your face at while it's mapping it out. You can add individuals and get notifications when that person is detected. If I had to recommend this to a friend, I would tell them to look at a few options before deciding on a system. For my needs, it's better than what I had (nothing), and offers some pretty neat / useful features! So far I'm enjoying the system, and am looking forward to seeing what features Honeywell adds over time.

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