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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    A light-weight solution with plenty of Features

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    It's been a few years since I've owned an HP printer, and I always appreciated their solid construction and their industry leading software. Form-wise, the HP 9025 is much different from what I've owned in the past. Weight-wise, it's very light. I'm used to printers that you could use as boat anchors. I'm sure HP redesigned their current line of printers from top to bottom to achieve these weight savings. While I appreciate not having to go to a Chiropractor every time I move a printer, components like the paper drawer just seem so flimsy. The 9025 is an All-in-One printer stocked full of neat features. To access these features, the 9025 has an accompanying Smart App for your Android or IOS phones. The App allows you to create Smart Tasks - which can be used at the Touch Screen on the printer or when using the Smart Task App. You can scan a document, email yourself a copy, or deposit a scanned document in Cloud Storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, DropBox, and others. This isn't a complete list of features, but I did have a chance to test these out: . Email an attachment to myself with the attachment originating from: o my phone's camera o HP 9025's scanner o File located in Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive or others o Photos located on my phone or in Facebook or Instagram. . Save a photo or document o I set up two: OneDrive and Google Drive . Transfer a document (or photo) from one location to another. There's more, for sure. I played around with the scanner quite a bit, and it's quite fast. The document feeder seems small compared to other products I've owned, which means that some of the larger scans I'm expecting in the near future will have to be broken into smaller groupings. The 9025 has two document drawers each of which can handle 250 sheets of paper. The HP 9025 has a Touch Screen on the front side of the unit, and many (if not all) of the functions you can initiate using the phone-based Smart Tasks App can be accomplished using the Touch Screen. The Touch Screen, however, is painfully small. I recognize that someone with under 50-year old eyes might not care, but for me I plan to sit a pillow on the floor, while reading an on-line version of the HP 9025 manual with my extra powerful reading glasses - all to accommodate the small Touch Screen window. @@@@@@@@ Okay, I might be embellishing a bit. @@@@@@@ Scanning was one of HP's strongest suites in the past. Now you've less control over what it does. Remember when you could change Contrast and Brightness of individual pages after a document was scanned if the original suffered readability? I'm still looking for a way to do this with the 9025. Using the Smart Tasks App, your only scanner controls are: Black or Color, Resolutions from 75 to 300 (200 is default), and per Page Rotation (clockwise/counterclockwise), if necessary. There are other default options available that you can set if you connect to the 9025 using a web browser pointing to the 9025's I.P address. One nice feature of the document feeder is that it can scan both sides of a page simultaneously when scanning an original document. Yet, it defaults to 1-sided scanning. You can make it default to 2-sided, but only by connecting to the 9025's I.P address and making a change there. . I'm hoping this changes over time as it'sn't a practical approach for real-world scanning. Let's say for a minute that you're scanning a 10-page document where two of the pages have information front and back. If the scanner is set to 1-sided scanning, then you'll have to take steps to individually scan the back sides of those two individual pages after the batch has finished scanning. If you set the scanner to 2-sided scanning, then every page of the 10-page stack will have its front and back scanned and the resulting PDF file will have eight blank pages in the final document. It would be really great if the scanner app had an option to "Skip Blank Pages'. Problem solved. I'm pretty comfortable setting up new technology. After more than 30 years in I.T, I rarely break a sweat doing so. Not so with this unit. I fought for days trying to get the 9025 to email me a scanned document. By luck, I remembered that there's an issue with Two Factor Authentication (also known as 2-Step Verification). If you're not familiar with this, it's a security feature (I use Google's implementation) that helps ward off bad guys trying to hack into your account. I don't know how widely it's used, but I've been using it for years. To email a document from the HP 9025, the HP configuration software asks you to provide your login credentials. So, I provided my username and password to the configuration software. Once entered, I selected the Test option to see if it was set up properly. Each and every time the test would fail. The error message would simply tell me that either my credentials were wrong or that the target Google SMTP server might be down. What it doesn't tell you is that since you're set up to use Two Factor Authentication that you'll have to use a Google-provided'special password' that Google will issue you for this purpose. Once I realized that that's what was going on, I obtained my'special password', entered it into the configuration tool, and bang, the app was now happy. Well, almost. It was would work perfectly from the configuration tool, but won't work from the 9025's Touch Screen or the Smart Tasks App. Seems like I've more to research before this will be working seamlessly. Aside from the above issue, there's a cool option that allows to you send prints directly to your HP printer even if you're out of town. Go to the web site, create an account if you don't already have one, and then add your new HP 9025 printer using the 'Add Printer' button. It then lets you assign the 9025 an email address that emails (with or without attachments) can be sent to. The website will make sure that the email name you've chosen isn't already in use by someone else. For example, let's say I named the email 'TooBigToLose'. The website will confirm that no one else is using that email name, and if all is okay your printer's newly assigned email address will be To try it out, just email a document of your choosing to that email address and watch it print transparently to your printer. The HPConnected website has other tools, too, like allowing you to specify who can send emails to that email address. One of the last things I wanted to talk about is the Instant Ink program. If you sign up for this program - and not all printers are capable of offering this service - communication between the ink cartridges and your HP 9025 printer will occur, and the information will be sent back to HP so they can monitor how many pages you've printed each month, and how much ink you've used. With that in mind, prices are tiered as such: Free Plan: $0 cost per month. You are limited to 15 printed pages free each month. Every 10 pages after that will cost you $1. Occasional Plan; $2.99 per month. You are limited to 50 printed pages each month. Every additional 15 pages will cost you $1 Moderate Plan: $4.99 per month. You are limited to 100 printed pages each month. Every additional 20 pages will cost you $1 Frequent Plan: $9.99 per month. You are limited to 300 printed pages each month. Every additional 25 pages will cost you $1 Let's assume you've signed up for the Occasional Plan, which for $2.99 a month you're allotted 50 free pages. If you print less than that a month, the balance of unprinted pages will be carried over to the next month - although the most carry-over balance you can accrue depends on your plan. So, the most carry-over balance for the Occasional Plan is 50 pages, 100 carry-over for the Moderate Plan, and 300 carry-over for the Frequent Plan. What's nice about these Instant Ink plans is you won't have to worry about ordering replacement ink because the printer is constantly communicating your ink status directly to HP. In short, they'll automatically ship you out replacement cartridges without any action on your part. I did read that they ship the cartridges out regular mail, so it can take as many as 10 days before the replacements reach you. Not sure how accurate that timeline is, but that could be problematic if you're real short on ink and have some big jobs to print out. I also read that the Ink program considers just one word on a page to be the same as a whole page of printed words. Consider all those times you've printed a two-page document that just happened to overflow to a third page where the third page has nothing but a page counter on it. Well, you've printed three pages to count against your monthly total. Or, consider the implications if you gave your family and friends your HP email address, and that they've been emailing you hundreds of photos and recipes from past family events. That can certainly eat into your monthly free page allocation. Overall, I'm favorable to this ink replacement plan. I typically spend $60-$80 a year on new ink cartridges, so even the Moderate Plan ($4.99) is a money saver for me. So, I'm not really complaining. I'm simply raising these issues because it's good to know the rules behind the plan. All in all, I'm impressed with this printer. Only time will tell how the Ink program will work for me, but I'm game to give it a good try.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Probably more printer than I need but I like it

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    This printer is a beast. My wife and I both have our own businesses. We aren't printing 100 pages a day or anything but we do get some use out of it. This OfficeJet replaced a pretty old DeskJet and I really like the upgrade. Could we have survived on the DeskJet for a while longer? Sure. Is it nice to have a fancy new toy? Definitely. Setup was a breeze but it does require a smart phone. This usually isn't an issue, especially in a business setting but know it's a requirement. After signing in to your HP account (I think this is a requirement as well, but they may let you skip it. I don't remember) it allows you to email the configuration to other devices to set them up as well. It also warns you that if you don't install software on these other devices, you won't be able to print on them. But I was able to just detect the printer on my wifi and print without any real setup required. Maybe the software that was automatically installed by MacOS and Windows when I setup my deskjet was good enough to also use the OfficeJet. But the setup was pretty painless all in all. Speed is pretty good. It'sn't blazing fast or anything. This isn't a laser printer or anything like that but for an inkjet, I think it prints plenty fast. Black only documents take no time at all. Color adds a little bit of extra time but it's really not bad. I'm not sure how long this ink will last me yet. There's a new service where they send you ink when your printer is running low and they just charge you a monthly fee based on how many pages you print per month. Considering how much ink costs, we are very tempted to just go this route because the cheapest plan is $5/mo and some bar napkin math says it's probably cheaper annually than we would spend on new ink whenever we run dry. The photocopier/scanner is pretty good. Really fast. The multiple paper trays are also nice for storing extra paper or, I think you can put a different size paper in each tray and pick which one you want when you print (don't quote me on this as I haven't tried it yet). All said, this is more printer than we really need but the extra bells and whistles are really nice and I know there are more software things that I haven't even discovered yet. I could see this being a much better investment in anyone who runs their own home/small business and just wants an upgrade in the printer department because they actually print a lot of things. So if you have the budget for this printer, I can definitely recommend it.

    I would recommend this to a friend