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JLab Audio - Epic Sport Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Black-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Do not recommend

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    Purchased the Epic Sport head phones. The batteries only lasted about 2 hours verse their advertised claim of 12 hours. After the initial charge it was difficult to get the headphones to charge in the charger. Needed to re-position them in the charger and secure with a rubber band. After one month, they would not charge at all. Attempted to return to Best Buy and they referred me to Jlab for the warranty claim since Best Buy will only take returns within 15 days. Not pleased with product quality and Best Buy's change in return policy.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Comfort, Great Sound and Stay Put

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    I have several pairs of earbuds both wireless and wired, so I took the opportunity to compare some of them with this item. The wired pair is from a major brand and they were just okay in terms of comfort, but they did not have the soft rubber type ear inserts so I expected that. The sound was okay but not as much bass as I wanted. I also compared with a different JLAB product Epic Executive wireless buds (with noise cancelling) which have sort of 'cushion' flaps or fins which catch inside your ear and then finally this item (JLAB Epic Sport Wireless) which have the soft ear inserts but also go over top of your ears. I can tell you that either one is super comfortable. This item is called sport and that's because the over the ear would seem to have a better chance of staying in your ear while jogging; however the flaps style also stayed fine during jogging, but not quite as well. Also all three kinds could be used easily with glasses. I did not expect the over the ear type (the JLAB Epic Sport i.e. this item) to accomodate the glasses as well, but they did just fine (in fact I'm wearing them while I write this with glasses). The sound from both JLABs blew the wired pair away so my further comments will compare only the JLAB buds. Both had a great and easy method of charging, both kept the charge fine. My preference would be the 'cushion' flap style only because they were easier to put in my ears than the over the ear type (this item). Sound wise they were similar, but noise cancelling is a desirable feature on planes which this item did not have, but the 'cushion' flap style did. This item has three equalizer modes which included: Bass Boost, Balanced and a so-called Signature mode with amp'd up vocals and bass which I liked best. Bluetooth connectivity is a snap with either JLAB and I did it easily with a desktop, an android phone and also to a Sling AirTV box - nice. For running I use the over the ear (this item) and for computer work or on planes I love the JLAB Epic Executive. This item for me was easily 5 star. I would highly recommend this item i.e. the JLAB Epic Sport Wireless. JLAB has their act together for excellent comfort, super sound, Bluetooth connectivity and ease of controls and charging - great.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Good option for active lifestyles

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    A few years ago, I got a pair of no-name Bluetooth earbuds, just to try them out. I wasn't convinced that Bluetooth could reliably deliver good quality sound and provide decent battery life in such a small package. Well, I was wrong, and those cheap buds are still going strong. So, when it came time to get a new pair, they would be the benchmark against which any new buds would be compared. The JLab Epic Sport came nicely packaged, with lots of extra tips in different sizes, as well as a nice zippered case, which turned out to be a bit of a hassle to use. They also included different sizes of "cush fins". More on these later. The Epic Sport buds are marketed to active people, so one of the main features is that they stay in your ears during activities. There's nothing more annoying that having to repeatedly push your ear buds back in, so I was anxious to see how these would measure up. They accomplish this through the use of "memory wires" that go around behind your ears. These can be bent to fit the shape of your ears. I really like this idea, but it doesn't play out as well as I'd like. The wire is more difficult to position than I'd like and trying to get it to the right shape while on my ears caused my ears to get irritated. Eventually, I got it to where I liked it, but taking them off and putting them back on seems to bend the wires away from the shape I set. So, I generally just go for "close enough". Using other buds while running often resulted in a weird sort of air-pressure percussion sound in my ears, which was pretty unpleasant and distracting. This happens when the buds form a seal in the ear canal. As you run, air pushes out, creating this sound. This is a bit of a catch-22, because a good seal is necessary to get any kind of bass response from your ear buds, but it's that seal that causes the problem. The Epic Sport buds are held by the wires at a particular angle, preventing you from pushing them far enough into your ear canals to get such a seal. Again, this is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that, without a tight seal, you don't have to deal with that annoying sound. The curse is that this prevents these buds from having any good bass sound. Speaking of the seal, it's vitally important that ear buds provide a good seal in the ear canal or you won't be happy with the sound. Fortunately, JLab provides lots of tips, and even a couple different styles. Because they're held a little farther up the ear canal, I needed to use the largest tips to get decent results. The cush fins I mentioned earlier perform the same sort of function, but in the outer ear instead of the ear canal. These are very important to get a good fit, so don't ignore them, thinking they're just decorations. These ear buds do a good job of handling ambient wind noise, and they do indeed stay put while running. There's a small control bar that dangles just behind your right ear, and this contains the on/off/pause button, as well as volume up/down buttons, which also serve to allow you to skip forward and backward in the track listing. A thin wire connects to the other ear bud, and it seems to work best to put the wire around the back of your neck. I was impressed with how this wire stays out of your way and doesn't become a distraction. They did a really good job with this. I think the thinness of the wire is crucial-larger or flat wires just get in the way. Battery life is quite good, and a quick rinse in the shower after a run was easily handled by these buds. They're pretty comfortable and wearing them for several hours straight was no problem. All in all, I think these did a very good job at fulfilling their intended purpose. I definitely liked the JLab Epic Sport ear buds, but there were two areas that, if improved, would put these over the top: I wish they were just a little more comfortable, and I'd like to see the overall sound signature be a little better. They're a little light on bass, and that makes a big difference. Experimenting with the rubber tips and cush fins helped somewhat, but I could never get it quite "right". For most uses, I think you'll be pleased with these, but if you have the opportunity, compare them to some others, especially those who approach the way they fit in a different manner.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    nice sound for bluetooth earbuds

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    Setup: Bluetooth setup with Android phone was easy. There was no app to install. The unit came fully charged (instant gratification for those who need it). Accessories: The earbuds came with a short USB charging cable, a nice (if somewhat small) zippered case, a shirt clip, and variety of tips and "CUSH-FIN"s to customize the fit. Design: The over-the-ear design is a bit awkward and took some getting used to. I suggest adjusting each ear piece separately (without glasses if you wear them). Once you have a good fit, care is needed to keep the "memory wire" from finding a new shape when taking the earbuds on and off and when operating the remote. The unobstructed Bluetooth range is over 30 feet. The connecting cable is flexible but prone to microphonics when worn behind the neck. It is also short, making it impossible to see the light on the remote during operation without a mirror. The cable holder allows you to make the cord even shorter and attach the shirt clip. With the cord at its longest, the clip just does reach the collar of my t-shirt. A good seal is essential to getting the best possible sound quality. Be sure to select a tip that works for you. Unlike other JLAB models, there is only one ring on the barrel of each earpiece allowing for fewer options when trying to get an effective seal. In-line microphone & remote control: From what friends and colleagues tell me, the microphone works very well despite its position just below the right ear. The wireless design means that you are not tethered to a phone or computer. The in-line remote control works with Android music apps (e.g. Neutron). The center button is play/pause (short press). The up/down buttons work for volume (short press) and forward/back track selection (long press). The remote worked well for me on phone calls. A short press on the center button answers an incoming call and disconnects current calls. Battery: The downfall of any small Bluetooth device, battery life. The battery came "fully" charged. Voice messages at startup let you know the battery status, "Battery Full" (100% - 75%, "Battery Medium" (75% - 25%), and "Battery Low" (less than 25%). Charging from fully drained (using USB3 port on my computer) took about 1.5 hours. I lost a full charge when accidentally leaving them on overnight. If you remember to turn them off when not in use, you can get the advertised 12 hours of Bluetooth audio. Sound Quality: There are three equalization settings, "Signature" (bass and treble boost), "Balanced" (flat), and "Bass Boost" (. do I need to say it? ;-). A short, simultaneous press on the up and down volume buttons on the remote cycles through them in order. "Signature" was the out-of-the-box default. The effects are modest, but audible. The "Bass Boost" profile is muddy and not at all to my liking. I prefer the flat profile and equalize at the source, but my review is based on the "Signature" setting as this was the default. These are not audiophile quality in-ear-monitors (IEMs), but are very good for the price. The sound signature depends on the equalization setting chosen. For the default "Signature" equalization setting bass and treble are enhanced at the expense of the mids, but the added treble is not fatiguing for long listening sessions and quite nice, particularly with female vocals. They are a bit muddy on the low end and tinny on the high end compared with my wired, $400 IEMs. Overall: If you like the over-the-ear design and can find a tip that seals well, these earbuds are a good choice for active use. The built-in equalization settings are limited, but function well if you don't want to fiddle with equalizing on your Bluetooth source. For the price they are a very good on-the-go, Bluetooth performer with all genres tested (rock, jazz, classical, & pop). The following albums were sampled during my review: Adam Harasiewicz: Chopin Nocturnes & Preludes Adrian Legg: Waiting for a Dancer Antonio Pleeth: Geminiani 6 cello sonatas Beatles: 1 Bill Evans: Everybody Digs Bill Evans Billy Mclaughlin: Fingerdance Bonnie Raitt: Road Tested Calum Graham: Phoenix Rising Creed: Human Clay Dirks und Wirtz: Kinski Spencer Gismonti Don Ross: PS15 Earl Klugh & Bob James: One on One Francois Sciortino: French Guitar Giovanni Palombo: La melodia segreta, A Secret Melody Goran Sollscher: Eleven-String Baroque Hoff Ensemble: Quiet Winter Night Jian Wang: The Baroque Album Joe Satriani, Surfing with the Alien, Crystal Planet, Flying in a Blue Dream, Unstoppable Momentum John Doan: A Celtic Pilgrimage John Williams: The Guitarist Julian Webber: Elgar Cello Concerto - Saint-Saens Cello Concerto No.1 Krzysztof Meisinger: Villa-Lobos Melodia Sentimental Laurence Juber: Guitar Noir Lawson Rollins: Elevation Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: Spin Luca Stricagnoli: Luca Stricagnoli Markus Segschneider: Snapshots Michel Haumont: Michel Haumont & Co Mike Dawes: What Just Happened Miles Davis: Kind of Blue Mstislav Rostropovich: Beethoven The Cello Sonatas- Vol1&2, Chopin Cello Sotatas, Schubert Schuman Debusy Cello Sonatas, The Brahms Sonatas, Vivaldi - Tartini - Boccherini Cello Concertos Nora Jones: Come Away with Me Oslo String Quartet: The Shubert Connection Peppino D'Agostino: Acoustic Guitar Ralph Towner: My Foolish Heart Ryan LeBlanc: Speechless Sarah Mclachlan: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Surfacing Sergio & Odair Assad: Sergio & Odair Assad Play Piazzolla Steve Vai: The Ultra Zone, Fire Garden Tomasz Gaworek: Born To Be Together Tori Amos: Under the Pink, Little Earthquakes TRONDHEIMSOLISTENE: In Folk Style, Souvenir I & II, Vladimir Horowitz: Rachmaninov Piano Concerto #3 Yo-Yo Ma: Bach Cello Suites Nos. 1, 5 & 6, Rachmaninov Prokofiev Cello Sonatas, Mendelssohn Piano Trios, Op. 49 & Op. 6

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