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  • Rating 1 out of 5 stars with 1 review

    The Leisure Suit Larry Series has jumped the shark

    Posted .

    Graphics: Average 5/10 Sound: Mediocre – 5/10 Gameplay: Bad – 2/10 Replay Value – Non-existent 1/10 Overall – Really Bad 3.25/10 Please note: The Leisure Suit Larry Series has been a favorite of mine since the Commodore 64. If it was yours, please read before buying. Graphics: Average 5/10 The graphics are cartoon like and sharp. The colors are vivid and portrays the over the top model that this game is. The character models, however, lack desirability. The people in this game look like if you took characters from Area 51 and blended them with Jessica Rabbit you would get these deformed models. The frame rate is awful, even with installing it in the hard drive, which makes it difficult to concentrate. Sound: Average – 5/10 The sounds and voice work should have made this game a 7-8 score in sound, but the poor recording of the voices, the dialogue, and the lame, repetitive music make this area weak. With such voice talents as Tom Arnold, Arty Lang, Jay Moor, Carmen Electra, etc., you had a winning combination for some great voice work. However, the poor script, delivery, and recording really inhibit this. The music is poor and cheesy, but for a Leisure Suit Larry game, it flows. However, it made me turn it off and play a music track instead. Gameplay: Spectacular – 2/10 Woof. This is bad. I really tried to play this game, but the repetitive missions, poor controls, and camera pans (that cause you to perish I might add), are awful. When you play a game that is all escort based (drive here, drive there), and collect a set amount of lost items, you don’t expect to die because of the camera angle changing on you. There will be points in this game where you are doing nothing, but when the camera shifts, it shifts your controls causing you to fall and perish. The story is poor, and even with the filth and questionable dialogue, does not make up for the poor delivery and innuendos. You will find yourself skipping the cut scenes because it is the same old jokes. Replay Value – Non-existent 1/10 Without multiplayer, this game has no replay value. Sure you can go achievement hunting for the statues, or try to beat the game in under 8 hours, but why would you want to? It may be more fun to forget this game ever was made. Overall – Really Bad 3.25/10 This would normally be a game I would buy on release, and especially at the $20-30 MSRP, but I rented it instead, and then I thanked myself repeatedly. It is so bad that it makes the legacy of Leisure Suit Larry stained with disgrace. Others will want to watch you play and hope that you don’t make future bad choices. The game is not good, not even close. The story stutters, and fails about two hours into the game. It is so bad that I longed to play Magna C*m Laude again. At least in that game it had engrossing mini-games and more interesting characters and graphics (and that was released 5 years ago). Only buy this if you have an urge to complete every Leisure Suit Larry game, and are a glutton for punishment. When this game came on my radar last year, I was excited to continue the hijinx that was established in LSL: Magna C*m Laude, but instead was left mad and wanting my time back.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend
  • Rating 4 out of 5 stars with 1 review

    Not as bad as some may say

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    I've been a fan of the L.L. series since the C64 days myself and I'm happy to see it is still a challenging game. Larry has never been a game that takes it self seriously and it continues with this installment of the rauchy series. If your looking for a fun platformer that will keep you laughing, this is it. *Use of the the 360 Controller for this one is recommened.

    I would recommend this to a friend