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  • Rating 5 out of 5 stars with 1 review

    Great value. A cheap powerful beast.

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    Hello! This is my first time writing a review so please bear with me :D! This is a college student review. First of all when I was looking for a laptop I was surprised Best Buy even sold the Lenovo Y580. I've been waiting for a laptop for quite some time and new about the Y580 months before it came out. Mainly because when I want to buy something as expensive as a laptop I like to do my research. I also want to add Best Buy did a fantastic job of getting the laptop to me I ordered it on the 8th of July and got it on the 12th (I heard people had trouble ordering it directly from Lenovo) I also got a free Xbox 360 as I am a student. I am an avid PC gamer who plays games such as Starcraft II, Diablo. 3, Guild Wars 2, Counter Strike Source. My 3 year old dell laptop just wasn't cutting it. So far the Y580 exceeded my expectations in gaming. Build Quality/Aesthetics - I looked for a laptop that was sleek in design and one that looked professional. The Y580 is very fitting in this respect. The back cover has a very nice metal finish that I fell in love with. When you open the laptop it doesn't feel cheap. The trackpad and palm rest are always cool and come with a metal finish. I didn't feel any flexing. Overall great build quality. The keyboard does come with backlighting but is only one level. Also one annoying thing is that the caps lock has no indicator on the keyboard and doesn't show through games so you have to tab to windows to see whether caps lock is on. That's like the main thing that grinds my gears about this thing. Actually there is one more thing. When I was installing Diablo 3 with my CD the sound of the blu ray drive was a bit too loud. Around 70 dB. Not a huge problem as I download and stream now anyway but still. Performance - It's pretty fast at installing and updating applications, faster than my desktop Core 2 Quad. It can multitask very easily. The Ivy Bridge is much more efficient and cooler than previous Intel CPU generations. I didn't run many benchmarks just yet as I'm still optimizing the laptop. I did run Diablo 3 and it ran at max settings at the highest laptop resolution. 1920 x 1080. The Y580 didn't break a sweat as I was slaying demons in Inferno in Acts 3/4 on my Demon Hunter. Screen - Compared to my dell laptop and LCD monitors this thing has a beast of a screen. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and LED blacklighting everything is so crisp, the pixels are so sharp. It's no Retina but why pay 2k for half the specs when you get double for half the price? I absolutley loved watching Wrath of Titans on this. Although it is a glossy screen it's not even that bad. I had full lighting on in my room and didn't notice any glaring. The upside of having a glossy screen is that the colors are so much better and more stimulating. Sound - The JBL sound quality is unbelievably good. Just wow along with the Dolby Surround. I also enjoyed listening with my Bose QC 15 and noticed much better sound quality that when using the headphones on my desktop. Portability - I'm a big guy so I like big things... heh that's what she said. It's light enough for me that I feel comfortable using it on my lap and when I'm in bed. I enjoyed watching 1080p Wrath of the Titans while in bed laying down. No problem for me. I weigh 250 and my height is 6" 4" so ya. I can easily carry it in my backup to school no problem. Might be a bit big for small desks but I'll manage. Overall - For $1,099 this thing is a beast. I tried finding a laptop with similar spec elsewhere but couldn't find another deal that's cheaper. Sure the GTX 660M isn't top of the line but if you want something better than that be prepared to shell out at least 1400 with no blu ray and less hard drive space. You shouldn't have a problem playing modern games with this thing at least I didn't. As a student I love this laptop as well. I can type quite fast with the keyboard. It's portable enough for me. Battery life is pretty good for long classes without a power cord. As a gamer and movie lover it just gets even better. Definitley worth it if you are looking for a beast laptop with a good value price. Thanks for reading this was my first review ever about anything on here, so hopefully I helped you out in making a decision!

    I would recommend this to a friend