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LG - Watch W7 Smartwatch 44.5mm Stainless Steel - Cloud Silver Rubber-Front_Standard

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Rating 3.1 out of 5 stars with 11 reviews

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Rating 2.8 out of 5 stars with 5 reviews



Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    A better watch than all other smartwatches

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    Too bad the smart watch consumer base mostly consists of geeks and gadget lovers, not actual watch users. If you used to wear a regular watch, this is the only smart watch for you, period. A watch should always display the time. "Always on display" is not a good solution outdoors. This one is! The hands are beautiful. I used PujieBlack app to create a custom dial for myself, displaying the date, the temperature, battery life of both the watch and the phone, next event on my calendar, stopwatch and timer. I use it as a "smart dial". It works beautifully. With a single tap, I can see the hourly weather, or my daily calendar. I can get my bluetooth stereo start playing with two taps. What's nice is that if I do not wish to use the smart features, a long press on a single button shuts it off, at which point, you have over three months of battery! This is a smart watch that will always show the time. By the way, the electro-mechanical movement on this watch, made by the Swiss company Soprod, is not cheap. I do not know off a watch costing less than $600 with this mechanism (Edox 36001, Vostok Lunokhod 2 comes to mind. @@@@@@@ It is also quite big. I'm sure it was not easy for LG to fit everything in such a nice case. Honestly, I would have expected this watch to be produced by actual Swiss companies that already produce smartwatches, like Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Frederique Constant, etc. But LG did it before them. And did it well. At an affordable price. Kudos to LG for doing what the Swiss manufacturers will eventually copy.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful watch with a few glaring flaws

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    To start with, I loved the way this watch looked. It looks natural, isn't too thick, and the physical hands are a great compliment to the aesthetic. There were some complaints people had about the watch when it launched (no NFC payments, poor health tracking, old processor, high price point, etc.), but I didn't care because I don't use a smart watch for it's many features; I use it as a timepiece first and a notification center for my phone second. Because of this I was drawn to the watch for the ability to change it's background behind the physical hands, large battery, and stylish feel. And the watch almost succeeded. Here's the things it failed at: 1. Display. A couple gripes here. First, are the physical hands. While they're the main reason I purchased the watch in the first place, they will constantly block your view of anything on the face if you're trying to access any of the smart features of the watch. Text is obscured, timers are hidden, emails are unreadable, etc. There is a dedicated button on the side of the watch specifically for shifting the hands and display so they don't block each other, but this removes a part of the display and only takes effect while the button is held. You can't scroll and hold the button at the same time (at least not comfortably) which defeats the entire purpose unless you're trying to view a single line of text. There are also not a lot of faces made specifically for this watch. It's compatible with the Android Wear watch faces, but the vast vast majority of those faces have digital hands as well, which are obvious on the screen and can even time have shifting displays. They look bad, so you're limited in your display choices. 2. Battery. Admittedly, I use smart watches as watches first. This means that one of the first things I do while setting them up is increase the brightness to max, turn on the Always-on-display, and set the time-out timer to as long as possible. I want my watch to look like a watch more often than not. With that said, I've never had any issues with other android wears (Huawei, Moto), Samsung gears (S2, Sport, Galaxy Watch) and Apple watches (s1 and s3) lasting less than a day with all these settings maximized. This is fine as I'll always charge the watch overnight. The LG W7 on the other hand lasted anywhere between 7-9 hours. This was completely unacceptable to me, especially considering the battery life claims LG was making about the device. In hindsight I should've been worried right away, since the watch has a very blatant "Use these settings to increase your battery life" step during the initial setup process. All-in-all It's a great watch concept and I love the design, but it's execution and engineering left way too much to be desired. I rated it at 2/5 but if I cared at all about extra features like NFC payments or fitness tracking it'd probably be a 1/5, especially at it's current price point.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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      I empathize with everything you’ve stated, I appreciate the feedback given to help better understand how to meet your requirements on a better LG W7. The intentions are to make your experience a great one, with the display and battery not meeting your overall satisfaction. Truly gives us the needed information to create a better one. If you have any issues or concerns or in need of assistance reach out via Twitter at @LGUSSupport or
      Facebook: so that we can help make your Life Good. Thanks! ^ CS LG