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Marshall - Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black-Front_Standard

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Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 51 reviews

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Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars with 13 reviews



Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Sound, Great Battery Life, Cool Retro Design

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

    Pros: * Clear sound that gets loud yet stays clear. @@@@@ Great battery life. @@@@@ Convenient and useful analog sound control knobs. @@@@@ Compact yet powerful. Cons: * Volume knob is independent of volume on music device (phone, etc.). @@@@@ No local playback controls (play/pause, skip, etc.. @@@@@@@ * No microphone for voice calls/voice assistant. @@@@@ Charging via provided AC power cord and not the more standard USB charging. This compact, portable speaker has a TON going for it. It's definitely designed to be a portable music speaker and not a general-purpose speaker in that it doesn't have a microphone and there are no local controls for play/pause, voice assistant, etc. What it does do, it does exceedingly well. First and foremost, it sounds great! Clear highs and powerful bass. There are even analog knobs on the top to adjust the bass and treble to your liking. The battery life is excellent, too, with a really nice LED battery level display. This speaker has a good weight to it; heavy enough to imply quality construction and solid innards, yet light enough to carry around by the swanky (and removable) black/red leather carrying strap. There are rubber feet ensure that it won't mar any surface its on and keep the shaking bass from rattling anything but your ears. The cool retro styling is a hallmark of the Marshall line of music equipment. The analog knobs, the corner bumpers and the Marshall logo all say "Music-focused." There's a 3.5mm aux in jack for those who want a wired connection instead of Bluetooth. My few complaints are really minor in an otherwise great speaker. Most speakers of this type have local volume buttons that essentially control the output volume of the device that is playing the music (phone, tablet, etc.). The knob on this speaker is fully independent, though. It adjust the volume of the speaker regardless of the volume of the music device. Since most bluetooth devices send a variable rather than line-out volume, you'll most likely just max out the volume of the phone and adjust the speaker's volume as you like. This can be a tad confusing and maybe even a bit of an issue if you do end up setting your phone's volume high and then disconnecting the speaker. Anyway - it's not a big deal, but something to keep in mind. Also, most speakers of this type have a standard USB cable for charging. Probably due to this speaker's large battery, there's a built-in AC adapter and a provided AC power cord instead. The cord is removable and the power socket on the speaker is normally covered by a rubber flap to keep moisture out. At least there's no power adapter (rug bump or wall wart) so it's just the AC cord. If you're traveling and want to charge on-the-go, just remember to carry along the provided AC cord and don't expect to charge from a car unless you have a suitable power inverter handy. Overall, this is a really great sounding and great looking portable music speaker.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Most amazing BT Speaker I've owned

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    If only I had gotten this speaker before I bought the 5 others I wouldn't have wasted my money. All the others were too bass heavy, too bright, too low volume, etch. I'm no audiophile but I've a very picky ear and have a hard time settling with a speaker that doesn't sound just right to me. With the built in tone control this can make a perfect speaker for almost anyone. First of all the Kilburn II is a hefty little device. I don't know if it's just the case that's sturdy as heck or if it's the insides that hold the weight. Either way it feels like it can take a good beating... give one! It comes with two power cords, one US and one EU. I was kinda bummed that it wasn't micro USB or USB 3.1 like most devices that are available, but on the plus side it uses a standard power cord. 7a 125v figure 8 2 prong (probably better known as a PS4 power cable). I pulled the cable out of my console and plugged it in the Kilburn with no problems. I cracked open the unit because unlike the previous version there'sn't an easy to open spot to replace the battery. You have to take the back off to get to the battery. It's pretty easy to remove and replace the hard part would be find a replacement battery itself. This will keep it from being a disposable unit like so many devices are trying to become. Along with BT there's also an 1/8" analog input in the back so you can hook up older devices or if you just want a higher quality audio input. And the quality is AMAZING! It out puts frequencies low enough to put some subwoofers to shame -though without the power. You hear the lows, just can't feel them. You have to balance the sound though. Too much bass and it sounded box to me, too little and it got to bright. My left ear is extremely sensitive to high pitched sounds so being able to tweak the sound just right is a huge plus. Even out the box is sounds very good. It's also a loud speaker. It filled a 600sqft room at work with so much sound one guy at lunch took his headphones off to see what was going on. This was without distortion at bass at 6. I put in my workout room filled the house from one end to the other with sound. I can't say how this compares to higher end BT speakers as I've only heard them at BB and not in my listening areas but compared to 5 other speakers ranging from $50 to $200 this Kilburn II blows them far far away, not just in volume but quality. If you're thinking about getting this speaker, do it! If I had done it earlier I would have 4 speakers gathering dust around the house (I gotta use one for working out! @@@@@@@ .

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