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Master & Dynamic - MW60 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones - Black Leather/Black Metal-Front_Standard

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Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 41 reviews

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    WOW, knocked the quality right out of the park!

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    Master and Dynamic MW60 Packaging was good, very nicely thought out, comes with a carrying case, and a round container to keep charging and pass through cords in. The MW60 is a quality piece. Everything exudes quality, from the memory foam ear pieces that are magnetic for easy replacement to the cowhide wrapped head band. These headphones can be worn for hours without hurting your ears from pinching them down like many other headphones. These are the over the ear pieces and are very comfortable. I tested this unit on android and IOS devices, as well as PC and none of them disappointed. The sound level can get very loud but not ear piercing loud. Loud enough to do damage after time I'm sure but I loved to turn it up and lay back and listen to very clear, quality sound. (There is a beeping tone when you have reach the upper limit of volume.) I heard notes and cords I hadn't hear before with my previous cheap set I had. The treble, mid tones and bass all complement each other for outstanding sound. Set up is easy just hold the button on the Bluetooth for a few seconds and scan your device for them. Connects in a flash and you are ready to go. These will also allow you to pick up incoming calls by hitting the MBR symbol and MBR again to hang up. Upon testing a few times I was able to get them to work with no issues. To access your voice assistant OK GOOGLE/SIRI and the ability to ignore a call simply by holding down the MBR button for 2 seconds. I was also able to get the ignore call to work easily on an incoming call. Voice assistance worked as well, but I was unable to get back to the music without pulling out my phone and manually starting it again. The + and - buttons act as Volume up and down as well as skipping to next and start from beginning. My set was shipped with almost a full charge so I started using them right away. Long lasting battery, fairly quick charging. No need to worry about firmware updates as these phones will update themselves when you are connected to the internet. Great for any occasion, I love to use mine while kicking back outside or mowing. I would recommend the MW60's to any Audiophile I know.

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Bluetooth Headphones With Great Build Quality

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    The Good Things About This Master & Dynamic MW60 These Master & Dynamic M60 Bluetooth headphones are made with really nice components, there are no cheap plastic parts that will break easily. The controls are all aluminum buttons that have a really nice quality feel, the play/pause button and the volume up and down buttons have a really satisfying click that is very easy to tell when the buttons have been pressed. The volume buttons can be pressed and held for a second to skip forward or back a song, because of being designed this way, it is not possible to press and hold the volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume faster, and it necessary to press the volume buttons repeatedly to achieve the desired volume. It is really nice to have removable ear pads, so that if the leather starts to crack or gets damaged, then it will be easy to buy replacement ear pads. Also the ear pads are magnetically held in place and can be quickly removed and washed or wiped clean. The Bluetooth antennae is built into the aluminum border of the left earphone, it has the same look as the antennae lines on an iPhone or a Google Pixel. When the headphones extend in length there are markers that can be counted so that each side can be adjusted to the same length. As with most expensive items these days this product has really nice packaging and this always adds a nice luxury feel to the overall product. This pair of Bluetooth headphones has a really good quality sound. Other Details About This Master & Dynamic MW60 The braided cables that are supplied are pretty good, but are not quite of the same premium quality as the headphones. Braided USB cables are not really my favorite, the braided fabric tends to snag on things with pointy edges. The strips of Velcro that is supplied and wraps around the audio and micro USB cables actually snags the braided fabric and it pulls up strands of the fabric, the braided style of cables are more of a hassle than anything. I prefer the vinyl or rubber on most USB cables. The main complaint about the micro USB cable is that the connection on the micro side is of mediocre quality and is a bit difficult to plug into the headphones. Even after a session of attempting to wear in the connector by plugging it in and out many times, this did not loosen up the connection much, the supplied braided micro USB cable still has an unpreferrable stiffness when it is plugged in. Then I tried to plug in a trusty micro USB cable that came with my Samsung smartphone and that micro USB cable plugs in smooth and much easier. I would suggest charging your Master and Dynamic M60 with a better quality micro USB cable that is already worn in, so that it does not stress the micro USB connection on the headphones. I often use my Bluetooth headphones to connect to my Windows desktop computer for audio during movie playback, and I have found that some Bluetooth devices pair better with my smartphones, than they do with the Bluetooth on my desktop PC. These Master & Dynamic M60 Bluetooth headphones have less than optimal pairing with my desktop pc, which has a fairly new version of Bluetooth built into the Wi-Fi card. I finally got these Bluetooth headphones connected, but it took many attempts at pairing before the headphones would even appear on the list as a device that could be connected. Once the Bluetooth connection was paired with my desktop pc, future connections were easy. The overall size of this pair of headphone seems kind of small, each side can extend so that these Bluetooth headphones will fit a bigger head, but the ear pads themselves seem a bit small, and I am a bit skeptical that these would comfortably fit a person with a big head. Especially if a person had bigger than normal ears, I doubt big ears would easily fit inside the ear pads. Holding these headphones in the hand, it kind of seems like surely the manufacturer might have two sizes of this same product, a medium size for normal size heads, which would be this product, and then a larger size for people with larger heads. The following is my experience based upon having declining health and less than optimal blood flow to the head. As with most over the ear headphones, in my opinion these headphones have a bit too much pressure on the head. I am a 5 foot 9 inch guy who is 150 lbs, and have an average head for my body size, and I cannot wear these headphones for extended periods because of the pressure from the headphones starts to reduce the blood flow in the head a bit. This situation might likely not be an issue for a healthier person with better blood flow. The exact weight of this item is 12.09 ounces. Overall Impression Of These Bluetooth Headphones This is definitely a well built paid of Bluetooth headphones with above average sound quality. I am rating this item at 3.5 out of 5 stars based upon the overall build quality combined with the value for the selling price. If the price were a little lower, then I would rate this product nearer to a 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Overall Good Sound, misses some key areas

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    Summary: Good set of wireless headphones that are missing some key features. Sounds quality is somewhat variable, but plays high quality songs very well most of the time. If you play a lower quality track or maybe an old song that hasn't been remastered, you'll probably notice the loss in quality more than other models. No Noise cancelling. Quality of leather and lambskin is very top-notch. Ear cuffs feel pretty good too. However, the overall feel of the rest of the materials doesn't match the quality of the leather and lambskin. Easy to get started. Flexibility with connections, long battery life. Overall rating 3.8-4.2 out of 5. Packaging/Headphone Quality & Comfortability : The headphones come packaged with detail and care. Accessories have a separate round (and matching) leather case. The packaging definitely keeps the headphones protected. The included carrying case seems the be generic and doesn't match the headphones. Nothing special. Does not reflect the quality of the material used on the headphones themselves. Not very protective either, just something to place your headphones and some accessories in. The headphones themselves are good and bad quality at the same time. The leather and lambskin materials are very nice and feel great. I have the brown headphones and they look really nice because of those materials. You can see and feel the quality. They are also quite comfortable after long periods of use and don't make my ears overheat quickly. They do a good job at breathability. The fit is also really nice. This is obviously very user dependent but the headband is quite flexible and sturdy, so it should accommodate many people. They feel really nice on my head even after long use. This is a high point. However, I'm very disappointed in the rest of the materials. The buttons and other supporting structure don't feel high quality and almost cheap-feeling. This is really disappointing since other headphones at this price-point do a much better job, even when plastic is used. The buttons don't feel nice. The button position indicators are painted on and make this look like a cheap knock-off. I'm generally not too picky about this, but I believe this is a huge miss and some users value those details greatly. Features: Overall the features are solid. The biggest miss would be the lack of Noise-Cancelling. Depending on the person this is make or break. For me, I would prefer to have some level of noise cancelling included. I rarely listen to my headphones in a quiet environment at home, so muddling out the outside sounds would be nice. I also enjoy noise-cancelling without listening to anything, for example sleeping or reading on a noisy airplane. Fortunately, the sound level and quality is good enough to take care of this problems in many environments, but not all. For example, big city noise and airports diminish the listening quality. I enjoy the flexibility of using the Aux port if bluetooth is unavailable (or low battery). Omni-directional mic with calling function. Multi-function button is straight-forward to use, but I prefer double/triple taps for track changes, etc versus the hold for a certain time on these headphones. Also works with Siri. Simple and easy micro-USB charging. Folds and rotates for storage. Connection range and strength was excellent at home. Did not notice any problems outdoors. Sound: Definitely has a break-in period. More noticeable on this set than others. I was not too fond of these headphones initially, but they grew on me over time. The sound is clear and holds up at the highest sound levels. It must be clearly noted that the source quality effects the sound quality greatly. This is pretty obvious, but I compared the sounds on this set and another and there was a clear difference. These headphones don't handle lower quality songs as well as other sets in the same price range, especially at higher sound levels. I also found that the vocals on certain songs (this goes double for low quality songs) tends to get washed out by the instrumentals/background/beats. This was not a consistent problem but something I definitely noticed. I connected them to my TV and watch some movies and TV shows. They did a solid job and would recommend for TV/Movie use as well. Bass was pretty balanced on most-songs, and came out with a solid punch on bass-heavy tracks. I really appreciated that. The sound is good and very enjoyable at times. Closing: This is a good set of headphones with some highs and lows. At this price point, I do expect more and would definitely explore other options before settling on this particular model. I know Master and Dynamic makes some really get products, but I would not consider this one of their best. If this is your first high-end set, you'll probably be quite satisfied, but I would advise everyone to explore other headphones as well.

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