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Metro 2033 - Windows

Model: 49401SKU: 9792128

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Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Metro 2033 - The best gaming experience ever!


    I was a little skeptical about this game at first, but when i finally got it - this game simply blew me away, believe or not it`s a true masterpiece. The entire atmosphere of the game is incredibly amazing, the characters interactions and movements have never come close to this before. Environment, graphic details, shadows and lightning in excellent combination make this game more like a movie effect at some point. For those who enjoyed game titles like: Fallout, Half-life 2, Stalker and more - this game is a MUST HAVE! The game seems to be easy at first, but it becomes extremely hard as bone chilling journey continue. Some places can be very frustrating and difficult to figure out right away (which even i failed to pass about 20 times at some places), so yes there are plenty of action in this game. Metro 2033 takes action in ruins of Moscow after entire world was destroyed in nuclear Armageddon. The majority of the people who survived this event struggle for surviving in deep and vast largest subway(Metro) underworld. Beautiful world that people knew before no longer exists, above is a deadliest hazardous environment covered with ruins of darkness, intelligent ferocious creatures and spectacular anomalies. Will people become extinct or discover clues and solutions for future survival - see for yourself! I highly recommend this game. 10/10

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    More of a Movie than a Game


    Pros: - It did have excellent graphics. - The concept for the story line was pretty good. They basically tried to make a combination of Fallout 3 and Doom 3 with a Russian apocalypse scenario. - To a degree, the length of the game. -------------------------- Cons: - STEAM. - No Map. - No Mini-Map. - No Quest Indicator. - The Journal was basically useless. - Way Too Many Cut Scenes. It really was more of a movie than a game. I would say that I spent at least 50% of the game watching cut scenes. One major drawback, in my opinion, is that I couldn't pickup the more advanced weapons in Easy Mode (like the AK-47). I could in normal mode but not easy mode. -------------------------- This was about a 3 day game for me (not because of the game, but due to the time spent watching cut scenes). It was a decent diversion, but in my opinion not worth full price. Even still, I would recommend the game, but only when the price drops. I definitely agree with G4 on this one (3/5).

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Atmoshperic Game


    When I bought this game I did read the first reviewers post and I thought "Hey this is right up my alley." When I see movie like to describe a game that usually means it's very cinematic and having played and own all of the Metal Gear Solid games cutscene length is no trouble to me. I love to engross myself into the story and this didn't disappoint. The struggle between the people of Exhibition and the Dark Ones took me from the Nosalis infested tunnels of the metro up to the toxic wasteland that is now Moscow and I enjoyed every minute of it. On a side note. The game was a more linear than I had imagined but when I learned that it is based off of a novel I was like "Oh ok that makes sense".

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