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miBook - miBook Player-Angle_Standard

miBook - miBook Player

Model: MB100SKU: 9477318

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Pretty good for its price


    The mi book is a great little media player for the price(69.99 in Pensacola). It can play video in the more common formats(AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4, DIVX), reads many types of pictures, and plays music of many types as well. The speakers get REALLY loud and very good quality(This was the most surprising for me. If a company is going to sell a cheap media player, they're going to skimp on the speakers). there is one caveat however. Unlike most media players, this device cannot downscale Medium-definition or high-definition to standard-definition. When you try and view high or medium def videos, it freaks out and crashes to the menu. Thats not really bad since all the storage is on sd card anyway so in the end you save room. The screen quality is pretty good for the price. Its very clear on most of my videos that I've tested. It does NOT have any sort of screen protector or plastic breaker so either be VERY VERY VERY(Did I mention VERY?) careful with it or get the accidental protection plan from best buy that covers a shattered screen. The screen is a TFT LCD. Just like the ones on the older laptops. They don't like alcohol are are pretty fragile to impact(Use something like monster screen clean on it to clean it safely. ) The MiBook also plays music loud and clear and shows just about any size picture on its screen clearly. Now onto the cons. If you can't tell from the description here, I 'll tell you now that this device has no internal storage. All videos and music and pictures and books are stored on SD, XD, or MMC cards. The biggest con on the entire device is the Card Reader. This little piece of trash WILL eat your MMC or XD memory cards!!! I had to take the back of the device off to get at my memory card on the inside. The device does, however, work flawlessly with SD cards(They should have just made it into a SD card reader only). This is not a bad thing since these are the best value for the buck and most people have like 3 or 4 of the cards floating around somewhere anyway. Final Verdict, 4/5. This device is a good value for the price. I can tell you this much now, many people in my family will be getting this device for Christmas this year. -Robert(aka kealil) Counter Operations Agent Geek Squad Pensacola

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