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Microsoft - Xbox 360 Hard Drive (250GB)-Front_Standard

Microsoft - Xbox 360 Hard Drive (250GB)

Model: HPF-00001SKU: 9874392

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    More space is always needed


    The negative part. This is an overpriced hard drive for the Xbox 360. It is what it says. You get 250gb hard drive for an outrageous $129.99 + tax. I would have never bought this for this price if it was not for gift cards and Best Buy rewards certificates. You can get a 2tb HDD for $119.99. that is 2000gb for those that don't know the conversion. That is almost 10x's more storage space and at a cheaper price. The positive part. It is very easy to use and so far has worked fine. It transferred my data from my 20gb HDD to the 250gb HDD without any lose of data or issues. It was really painless and I have really enjoyed the extra space now that I dont have to delete things just to install a demo. This is something you cant blame Best Buy for, as it is Microsoft that sets the price and forces you to use this overpriced drive on their faulty RROD Xbox 360 system. The Playstation 3 will at least allow you to go buy the cheaper HDD at a larger space and will allow you to use it on their system. I am actually a fan of both systems and enjoy them both. I just hate how they price gouge the customer on these items and they should really try and make things like this HDD more affordable. Both Microsoft and Sony is guilty of gouging on the extras for their systems in one way or another. This is just a review for the Xbox HDD.

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