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Mile High: The Complete First Season [4 Discs] [DVD]-Front_Standard

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    A trashy, tawdry, hedonistic romp!


    A unlikely winner for those who like the genre of Dynasty, Dallas, Knots Landing and other great 'serial trash' programs, Mile high delves into a world of a 'Low-Cost/Low Fare' airline, not entirely unlike the ones that have sprung up around the world today. Fresh is definitely that- full of tawdry trysts, copius amounts of liquor, and plenty of interpersonal drama- The planes aren't the only things flying high here. Although it's predominantly about the people, places, situations and difficulties, the cast nails the performance perfectly every time- a real winner in a modern era BBC/SkyTV program. The scenery takes you around Europe- and into the UK itself. On the downside, some of the plots are far-fetched, even for a fictional TV program. The situations tend to be a bit overblown, and the dilemmas the characters get into are stretched a bit. A flawless performance by JoAnne Knowles (Janice, the Purser) really locks the gear down and lands perfectly. The remainder of the cast is well talented, with Adam Sinclair (Will) and Naomi Ryan (Lehann) anchoring a great ensemble cast. Mile High will never win an Emmy- but it's good for a nice, decadent, hedonitic trip!

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