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Motorola - Moto G7 Power with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Marine Blue-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Major Wifi Issue

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus Member

    Although I was expecting the 4g Verizon issue that has been mentioned a few times, I did not have that issue. I am using Total Wireless on Verizon and 4g data and calling works without any issues. The phone itself is decent. Huge battery is a plus. The issue I am having, which seems other users have seen is with the phones wifi. Using my 2.4ghz wifi network the phone barely connects to any apps with video. It seems to be dramatically slower than the mobile data connection. It seems when I switched to my 5ghz wifi network, it works perfect. Apps run very fast. Unfortunately most places are 2.4ghz wifi. There is some users noticing the issue on the Motorola forums. I hope Motorola can solve the issue ASAP or many users will start complaining.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response

      Motorola Customer Care

      Hi teddyc, thanks for having one of our phones. Can you please elaborate what apps are you having problems with when connecting to Wi-Fi? That's right, 5ghz Wi-Fi network will work faster than the 2.4ghz. You may send us an email to referring to this post. Kindly use Subject: BazaarVoice_your issue (e.g. BazaarVoice_Wi-Fi Issue) on your email or provide this link and we'll be glad to assist you. -Ruby MotorolaMobility

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Economical, but not sure it's worth it.

    • My Best Buy® Member

    After getting sticker shock on the price of new flagship phones, and the fact that my old flagship no longer held a charge through a day, I thought the Moto G7 Power was just what I needed. I now realize that while it is decent, you do get what you pay for. The battery life is great - truly in a category all to itself. The extra size and weight is not really noticeable. Since it was only $200, I didn't outfit it with a case. It has worked with all the Android apps I used on my old phone. However, there are a few negatives, one of which may be a deal breaker. 1) I never appreciated that good cameras are expensive. I assumed my brand new budget phone camera would be superior to the camera on my three year old S7. Not so at all. I thought picture quality would be okay since I'm not a shutterbug, but it is just not great. Indoor shots with less than strong lighting makes the pictures subject to a lot of blur. Even with sufficient light, pictures don't pop as they do in a pricier phone. 2) UI "wierdness". The other thing missing from this non-flagship phone is a polished interface. By that I mean settings are not conceptually intuitive and presented cohesively, IMO. Do Not Disturb settings span across several submenus... Do they override each other? You can shake the phone to enable the flashlight, but you can't shake it again to turn it back off- gotta go through the settings. Enable fingerprint works, but then every couple days, it only accepts a password. The screen blinks soft white and back off during bedtime... Was this from a new email? Wifi reconnecting? or some other event, I'll never know. Once you create a timer, you can only stop, start or reset it. To change it, you have to create a new one. 3) VZW mobile network speed. This is the deal breaker. The phone works at a small fraction of the mobile network speeds of my old phone. 1 Mbps download and 0.02 up. It's really bad when not connected to Wifi. Many owners have had this problem and neither Verizon or Moto (actually Lenovo now) seem to have it figured out.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response

      Motorola Customer Care

      Hi DBAGrub,

      Thanks for reporting this. We appreciate your feedback and we understand how inconvenient is this for you. Please email us at so that we discuss this in a proper manner. Thank you. - Frank MotorolaMobility