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MSI - GS Series Stealth 17.3" Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7- 16GB Memory- NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q - 1.024TB SSD - Matte Black With Gold Diamond Cut-Front_Standard

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  • Buy the 2080 paired with 32gigs of ram for the same price and save yourself a massive headache and enjoy the fps this laptop is actually capable of producing.Pres
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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Depends on how much you pay for it.

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    This Laptop is somewhat of an enigma to me. Decent value per $ for a 2080MQ thin and light 17" reputable branded laptop. This will run pretty much anything at 1080P ULTRA at over +100 FPS easily except probably the 2 ray traced games. Spec wise, this has everything you want when you are paying this much, maybe 32GB of ram or a 1440P screen would have been more ideal for this setup. Also this comes with 2 500GB SSD's in RAID 0. Great for speed, less reliability, but just know this is not a single 1TB SSD but rather two 500GB SSD's in RAID 0. But this Laptop really keeps going back and forth with me. Part of the reason I opted for the 17 was the immersion factor vs portability of the GS65. I am happy with that, however.... The screen is extremely nice for a 1080P 144hz(1440P 144hz would have been better for this graphics card), yet the hinge is really wobbly and cheap feeling and the creaking..... I have some creaks on the left side of the chassis when you put pressure on it. Build quality is terrible for a $3000 laptop. If you are able to get it for less, then it becomes kind of marginally worth it to me. The GS75 with the 2070 is probably more worth the $ at regular price. Also of note, this thing runs hot and takes some work, fine tuning, and maybe a little more work to get it running optimally. If you just pull it out of the box and run it on standard settings, it runs hot which becomes loud. theoretically if I had under volted the cpu and gpu and adjusted boost clocks, the temps "would" drop to a more comfortable level and they still get the same synthetic benchmark scores while not hitting 90C-92C... if you catch my drift. Overall, this is in the range of power of a desktop Skylake i7 and GTX 1070. It is hard to say I "need" that much power in a laptop, however if you must get a 2080MQ, this is probably the cheapest you can probably get for a reputable brand and thin and light. The Zephyrus 17 has slightly better build quality, and much better cooling and performance and gsync. It also cost more, has terrible battery because of gsync and has its own quirks because of the design you either love or hate the design, and chances are you hate it. The blade 17 still has a full 17 inch chassis and ugly and less practical fat borders, cost way more, and also has a 4k screen which means no high refresh rate and also you can't run 4k ultra on even a desktop RTX 2080 and hit 60 frames on most games, so forget about it on a Max Q version. So for a 17" with 2080MQ, this is decent but probably the best at this moment value for your money. The caveat is, you need know what you are buying/getting yourself into as this is a machine with a minus for every plus and vice versa. You are buying an apple priced machine with the build quality of $1000 HP. So you are really buying the components and not for them to make everything fit nicely together. Don't get me wrong, nothing on here is terrible or bad. It is just for the price you pay, you are getting a machine lacking $3000 polish and having to deal with smaller quality issues that you shouldn't. The GS65 with the 2080MQ on here only comes with a 256GB ssd which is a non starter for me, however it is $300 cheaper. The blade 15 would be my preferred 15"laptop with the 2080. For the 2070 or 2060's in 15" the GS65 is my preferred choice due to cost vs the Blade. Also I think RTX is undervalued for laptops because while they only seem to pull out a modest performance increase over GTX, they do so with lower TDP's and less heat which is extremely important for laptops and more so for these thin and lights. Thermals are the largest restriction for Thin and lights right now. The clocks and voltages for the CPUs and GPUs are way down compared to what they could be in a properly cooled normal laptop. It is easy to see when you look at the same CPUs and GPUs in larger laptops. So you are buying thin and light, which means you are also buying less power for the same given components.

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