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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Useful but slow and software is problematic

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    I came to this from another VPN provider due to the sale and the fact that my year was up with the other provider. Heard a lot about Nord so decided to switch. Not a great idea. First off, it is much slower than the other provider. Understand that all VPN will slow you down some no matter how robust their servers are and how close to you they are. Even after swapping around servers to find a closer/faster one I was still a lot slower. Second, the software is problematic at times or maybe it is just NordVPN themselves. If I enable my VPN and start browsing I will find after some period of time that I show connected but I can't open anything. I have to disconnect and reconnect. This same issue exists on two different Windows machines. It also exists on a Linux box where I use OpenVPN for the connection to Nord, which leads me to believe it is their servers that are the problem more than the software. This also has happened on my cell phone as well as when the laptop in question is connected to other networks so I know it is not my local network setup. All in all this is not a bad choice for someone who just uses Windows and needs a VPN, but it is not a great choice for anyone who wants something that just works and works well.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    VPN for Everyone

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    As advertisers and criminals deploy more tactics to track your online activity, the need for a VPN is greater than ever. Subscription VPN services have existed for years, but many of them require some degree of technical know-how and have complicated user interfaces. NordVPN has largely solved those problems, allowing anyone to have easy, affordable, and reliable VPN access. PROS: - Incredibly simple to install and use on any device. If you've ever installed a software program on a computer or downloaded an app to your phone, you shouldn't have any problems. - There are tons of remote servers to choose from -- nearly 4,000. You can pick which country you'd like to connect through and the app will sort the available servers based on server capacity and/or distance. - Fast servers for basic web browsing and video streaming. You probably won't want to use this for gaming or 4K video, but for almost everything else, it's more than adequate. I regularly clock download speeds in excess of 25mbps on - The "Kill Switch" feature will automatically block applications from accessing the Internet in case you lose your connection to a NordVPN server. This will ensure that your sensitive data is always passing through a secure connection. - Dedicated servers for P2P. Some VPN services block or filter P2P traffic, so it's nice to see NordVPN provide these dedicated P2P servers. - There is a Chrome browser extension available if you don't want (or aren't able) to install the full client software on your computer. - NordVPN says that they don't keep any logs nor do they share any information with government entities. CONS: - The interface can be a bit cartoonish and might be too basic for some advanced users. There are advanced settings available, but they are burried deep in the interface. - Over the course of a week, I have been kicked off of NordVPN servers a couple of times, likely due to them reaching capacity. It hasn't been a huge issue, but I'm hoping it's not a sign of a bigger problem. OVERALL: Don't be fooled by its simplicity: NordVPN is a powerful service that almost anyone can use without issue. It might not be the fastest, and it might not be ideal for streaming huge video files, but it excels in almost every other area. Highly recommended!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Solid and secure proxy mod

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    NordVPN is a virtual personal network or proxy modification allowing you to spoof your location while you are online. There are tons of different companies that make these are there are even a ton of companies that make free ones. But in life we typically get what we pay for right? This is no different. When you get a free VPN, they bog down your bandwidth. Your browser will go really slow. There are also less options for the selection of location you desire. Typically you are able to pick a continent or country, but nothing as specific as a city or state. So things are slower and you don't get that many choices, that is the just of it. When you pay for a VPN, you get much more. This is the case with NordVPN. You can spook your location and when companies try and track you with cookies they don't get valid data. You are protected. For me, the best part is that I travel overseas a lot. In most of the places I go, they block certain sites (and I am not talking about adult sites). They will block things like Netflix and Hulu, as they are USA based and not allowed in some countries. With this, I can browse USA sites and stream TV shows as if I was in the USA. I love that. In these same areas, you cannot go on may sites. This will allow me to browse without being seen and again as if I was in the USA. The good part about this software is the variety of options you can use to spoof your location. This counpany uses VPNs in 62 different countries so there is literally something for everyone. So based on my experience so far, this is probably the best I have used. I don't notice much if any slowdown and that is the biggest factor for me. Don't get me wrong, the encryption is super important and I recognize the value in that. But everyone claims they have military grade encryption. This seems to as well, but it still allows for quick web browsing and this is a good thing. If you are overseas or travel overseas a lot, this would be a great tool for you. If you need a VPN to browse in secrecy, this is a great one. I recommend it.

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