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Philips Sonicare - DiamondClean Smart 9700 Rechargeable Toothbrush - Rose Gold-Angle_Standard

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  • Pros: Travel Case that doubles as a charger, Multiple brush heads included, Brushing Pacer reminder, Replace brush head indicator, Unique and attractive charging station, Three sensitivity levels, Multiple modes Pressure sensor, App with record keeping and reports, Dental appointment reminders on app, Rechargeable with long lasting charge Although, I didn't need it, the Easy Start mode lets you gradually get used to the toothbrush over a period of time.PikesPeakPhotographer
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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    It works pretty well

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    I don't really use the Bluetooth part of it. . I like that the case was redesigned to have a usb A rather than the prior model with usb mini. I kinda wish they had just gone to a usb micro or usb C port rather than having a cable tucked away, but whatever. . just glad to not have to carry a usb mini cable around anymore! I don't like that this new model does not appear to be compatible with the previous model's charging glass. No idea why that would change. I'm not a huge fan of how sensitive the brush is at detecting pressure and dampening the brushing. Many times it'll cut out on me for too much pressure and I'm not really pressing very hard. I would love to disable this altogether but have yet to figure out if it's possible I really wanted to mark it 3 stars, but decided that it's still a sonicare and the brand/technology has done wonders for me avoiding cavities for several years now. So bottom line is that it's the same great sonicare technology, but probably getting more fancy with features than they need to (or should).

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Ultimate Luxury and Worth It!

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    The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9700 electric is the top-of-the-line in the current offerings by Philips, packed with every feature you might want, includes seven extra brush heads and has the best software support available. Its performance in the multiple roles of cleaning/whitening your teeth, maintaining gum health and cleaning your tongue is absolutely unmatched by any other toothbrush. It is a superb device and, despite its relatively high initial cost, an outstanding value! The Sonicare toothbrush was introduced about 25 years ago but Philips has continued to improve it with each new model. The latest version provides an incredible 62,000 movements per minute (31,000 brush strokes) and a high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery which gives up to three weeks use between charging. The full list of DiamondClean 9700 features is quite impressive: . Ergonomic smart power head with 62,000 movements/minute (31,000 brush strokes) . Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to three weeks of use before recharging . Illuminated displays on handle (Power, Setting, Intensity, Replacement, Pressure) . Five cleaning settings o Clean - 2 minute cycle for everyday use o Whitening - 2 minute, 40 second cycle, removes surface stains o Gum health - 3 minute, 20 second cycle, special attention to molars o Deep clean - 3 minute cycle, brush-pacer feedback o Tongue care - 20 second cycle used with special micro-bristle head . Three intensity levels (Low, Medium, High) . Two built-in timers: Brush-pacer and Smartimer . Performance measures o Removes 10X more plaque o Up to 7X healthier gums o Up to 100% less stains . Bluetooth connectivity and free app for Android/Apple phones . Extensive sensors and coaching/record-keeping with Philips Sonicare app o Location tracking o Scrubbing sensor o 3D mouth map o TouchUp (to verify all areas covered) . Advanced pressure sensor with three notification systems o Handle vibration alert o Purple light ring at bottom of brush o Warning in connected app . Easy-start program to gradually increase power over the first 14 brushings . Includes eight brush heads which automatically sync with their optimal mode and have microchip sensors to signal when replacement is needed o Three C3 Premium Plaque Control o Two G3 Premium Gum Care o Two W3 Premium Whitening o One TongueCare+ microbristle brush . Clear plastic protective brush heads for all spare brushes . Hard shell travel case with charger and room for handle and two brush heads . Three charging stations o Beautiful glass cup (fits over inductive charging ring) o Clear plastic stand (fits over inductive charging ring) o USB connection in travel case . Two year warranty with additional six months added upon registration Philips Sonicare engineering has significantly raised the level of expected excellence in this 9700 Diamond Clean Smart electronic tooth brush. Philips products have always been the gold standard, but this model is indeed even more special than expected. The price is a little high (about the cost of two professional teeth cleanings), but seven additional brushes are included and this is such an improved product I saw the extra value in its quality and performance almost immediately. Having a long history of expensive dental work including crowns, a permanent bridge and an implant, I am extremely interested in good checkups to protect my investment in healthy teeth and gums. My dental hygiene has always depended upon an electric toothbrush for best results as recommended by my dentist and hygienist. For years I have used the "other" popular brand with rotating brush. Recently I began using a base model Philips Sonicare toothbrush and found the difference in performance so remarkable that I vowed to never go back to the "other" (round head) brand. So how did the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9700 manage to WOW a valued repeat client like me to bring technology, health care expertise, and innovative design to serve in this most luxurious and advanced package? Let's start with first impression: the deep blue color is gorgeous, the finish a very rich satin and the brush rests in an elegant glass which fits over a beautiful gold-colored charging base for an even more sophisticated impression. Then there is the wealth of connected features, sensors and controls plus the dual charging capability of electric or USB charging. I guess that is why this is called an "electronic" toothbrush, not just electric. First of all, it has a very nice, non-slip finish and it is remarkably light to hold. It has three intensity settings (from gentle to strong) - very important to keep onlays and other delicate dental work in place, its brush shape reaches hard-to-get to spaces but it still manages to eliminate those stubborn coffee stains and leave your teeth feeling like you have just had them cleaned by the hygienist. This model has multiple pressure sensors to keep you from brushing your teeth too hard which could cause damage to your enamel and very importantly does not shred your gums. It has a slender handle making it easy to hold and manipulate in tooth brushing. And it also has pre-programmed timers synchronized to the type of brush head in use to prompt adequate brushing for each quadrant of your mouth. This keeps you from brushing too much or too little. Phillips offers specialized brush heads that are click-on and interchangeable and a little light to let you know when it is time to change brushes. The brush is much quieter that the "other brand" and it is sleeker and cleaner looking on the counter. Did you notice that this brush connects to an app to tutor you into getting the most benefit out of this brush? I was not sure this was going to appeal to me since if you are not a total geek it seems a bit odd to bring your phone into the bathroom to advise you on your oral care routine. However, the app took moments to install and the Bluetooth connectivity was automatically activated and ready for first use right out of the box. I found that the app guided me perfectly, noting when I brushed too fast, missed a section or applied too much pressure. Its count-down timer and visual tracking made me focus like never before on getting my teeth perfectly clean. Points on the board for this feature! The next top drawer element is the variety of brushing types you can enjoy for super oral hygiene with this toothbrush. Four types of great brush heads are standard with this model for personalized oral healthcare goals that are easily programmed in your app. The app guides you to brush according to your preference to get optimal cleaning. Multiple specialized brushes in this suite include those for plaque control to give a deep clean, a gum care brush for healthy gum cleaning and stain removal brush for whiter teeth and finally a tongue care "brush" for fresh breath. The sleek design travel case has room for the power handle as well as two brushes and recharges with a built in USB power cord. It is a very complete oral health system. So how did it all work? In a word: Fantastic. I have been experimenting with all brushes for only a week so far, and I can say the 9700 DiamondClean delivers the best results I could ever have expected. As I mentioned, I have another Sonicare tooth brush (the base model) which I felt was performing well, but the DiamondClean clearly is superior! The app guided me to make sure I did not overlook or underbrush areas of the mouth and my teeth appear whiter and cleaner using whitening toothpaste with the whitening brush. Brushes are constructed so that they seem to reach into every groove including in crowded teeth areas prone to plaque buildup. Another reason for being so impressed with the Sonicare system is has less splash all over my mirror when I brush my teeth. This is a huge and unexpected benefit. With the other brand's spinning toothbrush I had been using before using the Sonicare, the mirror had to be cleaned each time I brushed my teeth. The Phillips Sonicare produces no splash. This is the most beautiful, practical, and versatile toothbrush I have ever used. I find it flawless in its intended purpose and design. Long after the price is forgotten, the quality of this toothbrush will be appreciated. And so confident is Philips in this toothbrush, they give a free 6 month warranty extension (to a total of 2.5 years! @@@@@@@ when you register it in the app. I strongly recommend this complete toothbrush system to the individual interested in keeping their teeth and gums healthy as a life time goal.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Wow! Exceeded my expectations!

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    The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9700 Rechargeable Smart Electric Toothbrush comes with 7 brush heads and a tongue scrubbing head, an at-home charging station, and a travel case that also serves as a charging station. Also, a smart phone app can be used to enhance your use of this device. I was pleasantly surprised at all of the wonderful features of this electric toothbrush. Just the fact that it comes with so many brush heads is a huge plus. I also liked the brushing pacer, and really love both the charging station and the travel charging case. Charging: Straight from the box, the unit comes with enough charge to use more than once. The instructions suggest that you use it once and then charge it fully for 24 hours. You can charge the unit two ways: (1) The charging station consists of a gold colored base, a charging glass, and a lid for the glass. When charging, you plug in the base and place the glass on the base and place the toothbrush inside the glass. You don't have to place it in any special position because the bottom of the toothbrush has a solid copper-colored plate which begins charging the unit as soon as it touches the bottom of the glass (as long as the glass is on the plugged-in base. @@@@@@@ The toothbrush will beep and vibrate for a second when it begins to charge, so you know it is charging. The glass can also be used as a drinking glass and it has a lid which keeps dust out of the glass. In the center of the lid is an indentation that exactly fits the toothbrush so you can use it as a stand for your toothbrush when it isn't charging. @@@@@@@@ 2) The travel case has a USB cord embedded in the base and this can be plugged into a computer USB port or a wall plug USB port for charging. When not in use, the cord can be wound around the base and held in place with a detachable cover. A fully charged unit will stay charged for 2 to 3 weeks. You can keep it on the charger between every use or you can wait and charge it when it is low. I asked Philips which method they suggested and they said I could do it either way but suggested I should wait and only charge it when it is low. App: Before use, you should consider installing the Philips Sonicare App on your smart phone. I did this and found it extremely valuable to help me brush my teeth as well as possible. You don't need to use the app to use this brush, but I found the app helpful. Setting up the app was easy. It found my toothbrush immediately and I began using it right away. Also keeps track of dental appointments and lets you create a report for your dentist if you wish to. Use: When brushing your teeth with the toothbrush, you can select different brush heads for cleaning, whitening, or gum care. There is also a head for tongue scrubbing. You also have a choice of 3 different intensity modes. If you don't use the app, the toothbrush handle lights up if you are using too much pressure. You have choices of different modes (cleaning, whitening, gum, and deep clean). The toothbrush will beep after a specified time reminding you to move your toothbrush to a new location in your mouth as you brush. In the cleaning mode, it gives you six 20 second intervals and beeps between each interval. @@@@@@@@ For example, right top, middle top, left top, right bottom, middle bottom, left bottom. @@@@@@@ If you use the app, you can connect your toothbrush via Bluetooth to the app and watch the app while it shows you where to brush and for how long in addition to the beep reminders on the toothbrush. It also tells you on the app if you are applying too much pressure, which I found helpful to train me how to use it properly. After brushing, you get a report that shows how well you did. For example, on my first attempt, it showed me that I applied too much pressure a few times and in the report afterward, it showed that I didn't do well enough on my inner lower left teeth. On my second attempt, I did much better. Also, it asks you if flossed, used mouth rinse, and scrubbed, so you can keep a record of that. Brush heads: The unit arrived with 3 cleaning brush heads, 2 gum brush heads, 2 whitening brush heads, and 1 tongue scrubber head. Both the app and the toothbrush itself will let you know when it is time to replace the brush head. Several of the features can be deactivated if you don't need or want them. This includes the brush head replacement reminder, the pressure sensor, and the easy-start mode. Pros: Travel Case that doubles as a charger, Multiple brush heads included, Brushing Pacer reminder, Replace brush head indicator, Unique and attractive charging station, Three sensitivity levels, Multiple modes Pressure sensor, App with record keeping and reports, Dental appointment reminders on app, Rechargeable with long lasting charge Although, I didn't need it, the Easy Start mode lets you gradually get used to the toothbrush over a period of time. Cons: None

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