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Razer - Blade Stealth 13.3" Touch-Screen Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive - Black CNC Aluminum-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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    Corrupts Files and Screen Glitches

    • My Best Buy® Member

    I purchased the Razer blade stealth less than two years ago. From the beginning (the first month), the clock has sped up after adjusting it several times. That isn't the worst part. After about 3 months my files began to start corrupting. I thought it was my flash drive, so I got a new one. Files still would go corrupt even on the new flash drive. I only use my flash drive in my desktop or laptop and I do not have bad stuff on my computers. I contacted Razer support on multiple occasions, but they kept telling me to reset the computer (which I had already done). After a few more months of my files going corrupt, I contacted them again. As a college student, this issue destroyed my projects and I had to recreate things, which almost effected my grades. Again, Razer told me to try a factory reset. After I informed them that I had already done that and nothing changed, they offered to have it shipped over so they could take a look and repair. I responded by asking how I needed to go about sending the laptop and was met with a response from another service rep that they were NOT going to take it in. To continue to add to the issues, my 4K screen also started to have black lines go across it and the screen will glitch. There have also been pink, green, and white lines that have taken over the screen. Again, I contacted Razer support, I explained that it happened randomly so there'd be no way to capture a picture. Instead of trying to find another solution, I was told over and over again that they would need a screen shot. So this went no where. I proceeded to contact Razer support one last time in hopes of something different. The rep instructed me to do a full system reset and then to let them know if the issue persisted. Well, the laptop was fine for not even a day before it went right back to the previously mentioned issues. I have finally been able to capture videos of the screen glitching with lines because it does it nonstop sometimes. I am now forced to use cloud storage for EVERYTHING I do now just to ensure I won't lose everything. I have purchased many things from Razer in the past, but after this experience, I will never recommend a Razer product to anyone. I continue to share my story with people who talk about Razer and I show them the videos of my screen. I just bought a new Surface Book 2 because I could no longer tolerate this laptop. I will attach a screen shot of the video with one of the lines that flickered across my screen all day. There were 2 lines flickering while I took the video. I hope my review can reach others before they purchase this product.

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