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Rexing - V1P Plus Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam - Black-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Good Dash Cam

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    This is my first dash cam. Installation was fairly simple. I did have to read the manual in order to figure out the various buttons and functions. The screen quality of the display is of good quality if you're looking directly at it. The downside is after you mount it, you will be looking at the display at an angle. The screen quality is not the best when viewed from an angle. It comes with a cable that can be hooked up to a battery or perhaps fuse box. The cable that plugs into the unit and into your cigarette lighter is attached. I wish it had a standard USB plug at the end so I could plug it into the USB powered ports on my electric vehicle. Overall it's a pretty good unit which I'm satisfied with using.

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Rear Camera Plug Difficult for SUVs and Hatchbacks

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    The Rexing V1P Plus is a kit that comes with a lot of extras so you don't need to buy additional tools. However, it has one major flaw for a DIY installer with an SUV or hatchback: the rear camera has a wire that's not detachable from the camera itself. For a clean install, you have to fish the wire from the plug end through the tailgate/hatchback grommet. And the problem doing that's the plug has a right angle bend, making it nearly impossible to pass the wire through the grommet, depending on how your car is designed. If you have a sedan, this is not an issue as you won't be pulling the wire through a grommet. Otherwise, I'd find a dash cam that has a rear camera straight plug, or get an extension wire, or get someone to install it for you. PROs . Front camera is easy to install with the provided tools. If you're unsure how to do this, lots of videos on the internet will show you how. . Includes hardwire kit if you don't want to use the cigarette socket. . Includes cable clips for areas where it's not feasible to tuck the cable into the headliner . Has a 2.4" screen to review the video immediately without downloading or transferring the micro SD card . Includes a 32 GB micro SD card CONs . Rear camera cable is not detachable from the camera itself. And the plug for the rear camera has a right angle joint and that makes it really difficult to thread the cable through the grommet of an SUV tailgate. In my case, the tip of the plug broke off when trying to get it through, so the rear camera is useless to me now, unless I go through the hassle of splicing it to a new plug. If you have an SUV or hatchback, I'd find another camera with an easier to pass-through wire. . The playback screen is at an odd angle such that you can't view it when mounted on the windshield. I leave the screen turned off while driving since it's useless anyway. My next dash cam will either have a more usable mounted screen, or none at all which would make it smaller and more discreet. . The front camera uses a stick-on mount without a full swivel (you can rotate the camera lens up and down a bit). That combined with the angle of the screen makes it cumbersome to get a straight horizon video. . No wi-fi . GPS requires an optional accessory. . No 4K video, only 1080p (front) and 480p (rear) . Overall image is a bit too contrasty. During the day, it's not a problem. But at night, many signs, especially bright ones, get washed out. To be fair, night vision is a weakness of all dash cams. And many, like this one, cannot make out the license plate number when headlights shine straight on to the plates in front of you. Bottom line is this dash cam has some extras, but no GPS built-in, 4K resolution, or wi-fi. If you can get a good price, and you don't have an SUV or hatchback, and don't mind its size, then it's worth considering.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great basic dual camera

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    Rexing V1P+ DashCam. This dual dash cam is easy to set up and easy to install. The front camera quality is clear but not at highway speeds. Setting at traffic lights and close to other cars you can read license plates, but at highway speeds things just blur together. This is not such a big deal when just trying so catch the action of what happened in an accident. It is obvious who hit who and for the most part it's good enough. The rear facing camera is low quality and at no point can you read a license plate. The same applies to just having evidence as to who hit who though. This version of the camera comes with a 32 gig SD card, it's not a card meant for dash cams so I would suggest you invest in a better card right away. It also comes with the hard wire power supply. This is a must for those who are going to install it permanently. For those who are just using it plug and play it comes with a portable power supply and wire clips to install so you can move it around. I would not trust the adhesive for the front camera. They have been shown to fall off in about a week. Go down to your local Big Box hardware store and get some 3M VHB Clear double stick adhesive. It is meant for high temps and is UV stable so the sun will not loosen it. Reading the book is a must. It is set up well and informs you of every setting and how to adjust them. This is what makes setup so easy. I am not going to go over all the function because it has a ton. Just read the manual and decide what you are going to use. Once set up, it's kind of set it and forget it. A 64 Gig high endurance SD card made for dash cams will set you back about $55.00, so that's a hidden cost. That and the correct windshield tape that about $5.00 are the only real hidden costs. You can start out with the SD card included and the original windshield tape but those will soon fail and you'll want to replace them. The 64 gig high endurance SD card will record about 10 hours of video. Your time may vary depending on your setting. The camera mount is easy to deal with after an accident. Just unplug the connections and lift the camera off the mount. Your video data is safe for you to view later. You can also use the camera as a viewer but you must be holding it because the viewing angle of the screen is really bad. Since the correct card will hold so much video, if your close to home, maybe only a couple of hours away, you can leave the camera running until you make it home. Just remember the camera will overwrite files as it fills the card. Overall for this price point you can't go wrong.

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