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Sealy - To Go 72" Memory Foam California King Mattress-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Decent mattress in a box

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    This is an adequate memory foam mattress, but I wasn't overly impressed. While I've unboxed memory foam toppers before, this is the first whole mattress in a box experience I've had. It's definitely convenient to not have to schedule a delivery window, or figure out how to get home a full size mattress, so from that side of things, that's a huge plus this mattress is UPS deliverable. I managed to lug this box upstairs by myself, but it really is a two person job. The box is large, and almost 90 pounds. Unboxing, gravity definitely helps to slide the mattress out of the box. Depending on how you decide to cut the wrapping, you'll need to be careful. Take it easy and slow, making sure not to accidentally cut the mattress in the process. Everything is highly compressed, and as soon as you cut a hole in the vacuum sealed bag, things start moving very quickly. The mattress expands in less than a minute, and has a smell to it. I left it alone in a room for a couple days to air out before attempting to really sleep on it. I found this mattress to be on the soft side for support. While you sink right into the mattress, the memory foam seemed to give quickly, rather than letting you slowly sink into your support position. It felt better as a side sleeping position mattress than a back sleeping position mattress for me. There is absolutely no side support, so be careful of that. I found there was almost zero motion transfer, so it's great if you're looking to not disturb someone else in the bed. I ended up preferring my current mattress instead of this one for back support for me. Laying down on my back in this mattress, I could feel my back muscles pulling weirdly like it wasn't properly supported. Overall, it's a great mattress if you like a soft mattress, and don't sleep towards the edge. It's really nice that UPS can deliver this mattress, and that it seems ready to go almost in an instant. I think Sealy needs to improve their memory foam material a little bit, but that have a decent product.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Really nice mattress

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    Of all the things I've reviewed for Best Buy, this one kind of took me by surprise--I mean, it's a high-tech mattress, but still...a mattress? I was curious enough to give it a try, and I must say I'm glad I did. This mattress is very, very comfortable. I've never owned a "bed in a box" before, so the entire experience was new for me. It's delivered in a large box, but certainly not a mattress-sized box. The box is VERY heavy, so you'll need two people to lift it. I highly recommend getting it to the room you want to use it in before unpacking it. We actually placed it on the bed, then unpacked it. Once it was unpacked we maneuvered it into the correct position, and cut the plastic---the next thing to happen was pretty impressive. The mattress seems to'decompress' and become full-sized in a matter of seconds. You can sleep on it right away, but the instructions recommend waiting 48 hours for it to fully decompress. The mattress itself is interesting--it seems that there is a lot of give when you first lay on it, but then it feels very firm. It offers a lot of support without feeling hard, and makes for a very good night's sleep! I awoke feeling refreshed with no sign of soreness or any other odd pains sometimes associated with a new mattress. As this is my first time trying a mattress like this I've no real frame of reference. I'm using it with a box spring, but believe it would be fine without one on a 'platform' style bed. I also have no idea how long a mattress like this is intended to be used for, or how long it will last. It doesn't seem quite as durable as a standard mattress, so it's also hard to say it's worth the price tag. It's also nice and cool (without being cold) compared to other mattresses, which is a big plus for me. It's definitely convenient not to have to worry about delivery times and set up, etc, though I'm not sure how easy it will be to move in the future should I ever need to. I do recommend this for a good night's sleep and the convenience of it.

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