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Sealy - To Go 72" Memory Foam California King Mattress-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Instant mattress

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    Box is almost 4ft tall, and 1.5 ft width/depth. Weighs about 80 pounds, so not the easiest to move around, but way easier than trying to move a traditional mattress around tight corners. And you don't have to worry about strapping a mattress to the roof of your car to get it home; should easily fit in a typical backseat. Once you get it out of the box, the mattress is packaged in two layers of plastic; an inner layer to keep the mattress compressed, and an outer layer (like Saran Wrap) to keep it folded up to fit in the box. After placing the still wrapped mattress on your box spring/platform, the instructions say to cut the outer layer with scissors. Early in this cut I accidentally punctured the inner plastic, so I decided it was just easier (and safer. @@@@@@@ to tear the outer plastic by hand. With the outer plastic removed, you can then unfold the mattress & position it as needed on your box spring/platform. Then you start to cut the inner layer of plastic, but you have to work fast once you start the cut, as the mattress immediately starts expanding. The manual says the mattress may take up to 48 hours to expand to its original size. Mine had expanded the majority of the way within just a minute or two, so you could probably sleep on it within several minutes if you wanted to. However... There is a DEFINITE odor. The manual makes note of this, and claims it's harmless, but sensitive sleepers may want to have a backup sleeping location ready, just in case. That said, I didn't think the odor was too overpowering, but you'll probably want to let it air out for a while before trying to sleep on it. Fortunately, I had unpacked the mattress early in the day, so by bedtime the odor wasn't intolerable. I'd guess that it had had about 8 hours or so to air out before I crashed for the night. The manual says the odor should completely clear in less than 72 hours. By the 2nd night, it was barely noticeable. As far as sleeping comfort goes, it's quite comfortable. There is very little edge support, so if you tend to sleep right on the edge, you might want to consider a more traditional mattress. Aside from the edge, there's actually more support than I expected, but I'dn't describe it as a 'firm' mattress. Still, it definitely provided a good night's sleep.

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Off-gassing problem and no edge support

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    The To Go product line simply signifies that the mattress is packaged to be moved into your home in a very compact way. It's packed in a way that it should fit in the back seat of most cars. The Mattress arrived in a roughly 18"x18"x45" box. The whole package weighs about 85 pounds, so it's not the most convenient thing to lug around the house. After opening one end, I highly recommend flipping the open end down and letting gravity help get the mattress out of the box. The mattress is in a vacuum sealed bag folded in half and then rolled up. To keep it rolled up, they've cling wrapped it. To be safe, I highly recommend working backwards from that. Don't use scissors or a sharp object to cut through the wrapping, otherwise the mattress might decompress and hit a bystander. Instead, find the end of the cling wrap and unroll the package. Then when you get to the vacuum sealed bag, unroll it, unfold it and lay the mattress where you want it to end up. Next, carefully puncture the bag and work quickly to cut the vacuum bag along the edges. The kids had a great time watching the mattress decompress in a matter of seconds. The instructions say it may take up to 48 hours to completely recover to the original size, but it was done by the time I completely removed the plastic bag. The construction is a 3" memory foam top with a 4" layer of comforting foam on top of a 5" foam support base. Pushing my hand into the side of the mattress, I can feel the transitions of the different foam layers mostly from the stiff adhesive used to join the layers. Once the mattress was out of the bag, it had a very strong odor. Within seconds, I didn't want to be in the same room. It's off-gassing from the manufacturing process. It tends to be related to memory foam products. I'ven't put any bedding on it and left the window open to try to air out the mattress. After 4 days, the odor in the room is gone, but it's concentrated in the mattress. My kids and I've also crawled all over the mattress to try to squish the mattress to exchange the air in the foam. From other's experiences with other memory foam mattresses, some people have gotten it to dissipate quickly while others have had to wait weeks for the off-gassing to complete. It seems to be a luck of the draw, as I didn't read many reviews of off-gassing odors in my mattress research prior to getting it. There is acknowledgement in the instructions of a "fresh foam odor". It says to allow the foam to "air out" in a well ventilated area for 24-72 hours. I've given an extra day, but I'm still smelling the odor. I don't know what the return policy is for Best Buy, but many furniture stores in Michigan don't offer mattress returns. You may get a one-time free mattress re-selection at other furniture stores, but that's about it. Unfortunately, due to the off-gassing problem, I'ven't spent more than a few minutes on the mattress. What I've found is that there is no edge support, so if you're an edge sleeper like myself, you'll need to make sure you're a few inches away from the edge, otherwise it feels like you'll roll right off. Coil beds do a much better job at edge support. Shifting into different positions is difficult. The memory foam adds extra resistance to your movements. Once I settled into a position, I noticed some discomfort as my body adjusted to the new way it was being supported by the mattress. This is typical in a new mattress and many mattress retailers encourage a trial period of about 30 days to let your body adjust. I really hope the off-gassing completes quickly because the mattress itself seems comfortable, I just haven't spent any significant time on it to make a final decision.

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