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Sennheiser - MOMENTUM True Wireless Earbud Headphones - Silver/Black-Front_Standard

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Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 78 reviews

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Great Design

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    The earbuds are very comfortable for me to say the least, they sound better than my Bose Soundsports but aren't as loud. Transparent hearing does work although it doesnt seem useful for me. I still find myself taking out an earbud when someone speaks to me. The app required to tweak the EQ is what I do not like at all. Bluetooth connection to my S8 plus works just fine, but when you launch the app it never connects to the earbuds although they are connected to my phone. After a few attempts to "retry connection" via the app, a prompt comes up and asks you to turn on and off location services and it still doesnt work. I find that spamming the retry button eventually gets you connected. But, if you leave the app and come back to it, the connection is lost again. Its mildly annoying. One major issue that is bugging me is a crackling sound that I hear in my right earbud. It isn't a constant cracking but it only happens during certain times of a song, I guess at a certain frequency? I'm not sure but it's in everything I listen to. I'm disappointed, I really enjoy the design, comfort, and sound quality (minus the crackling). I'm considering a return and purchasing the M&D MW07s instead.

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Too many issues for a $300 True wireless earbud

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    I'm not a new comer to wireless earbuds or wireless headphones. I currently have the Jabra Elite Sport, Jabra 65t, and the Jlabs Jbuds air. While the Sennheiser MTW has the best sound quality out of all of them. There just to many quirks with it. First is with the touch controls. The right side touch controls would stop working 30 seconds or so after I took them out of the storage box. So I couldn't turn up the volume, turn on/off transparency mode, etc. I reset the earbuds multiple times but it would still happen. Second is transparency mode if you want to call it that. I couldn't tell a difference when it was on or off. Third was with the Sennheiser app sometimes the earbuds would be connected to my phone (as I was listening to music) but for some reason the app would not connect. You use the app for the EQ, and another way to turn on Transparency mode. And lastly when playing bass notes the left ear bud makes a metallic reverberation/noise at first I thought that the speaker was blown but after reading comments on the web I guess this is a flaw others are having as well. So to add it all up it is not worth the $300. Hopefully they can fix these issues with a firmware upgrade.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Painful, Mediocre, and Random Popping..?

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    Equipment: iPhone XS Max 512gb (iOS 12.1.2) Apps: Tidal, YouTube, Sennheiser Smart Control These earbuds are receiving consistently positive reviews, and I honestly cannot see why. I purchased these with very high hopes of replacing my AirPods with earbuds that offer better sound quality. These did not fulfill that want. These earbuds are MASSIVE. They're extremely thick and do not feel right in the ear. After trying all four sets of rubber tips, I ended up barely favoring the XS set, even though my ears are average sized. When these earbuds are inserted, they press up against the inner perimeter of your ear, which at first makes them feel secure, but then make them ache after five minutes of use. And if you even slightly touch them or move your head to look up or down, they become loose and start slowly sliding out. The battery life is pretty decent while wearing them, as I was typically able to achieve about 3.25 hrs per charge at about 40-50% volume. However, my left earbud would always have about 7% less battery than the right for some reason, even when both started at 100%. I am very confused as to why the massive case only offers an additional 8 hours of battery life. Although the case is not huge compared to other true wireless earbuds, it's bulk makes me wonder why the case is so thick with a tiny battery. I did not experience any connection issues while pairing or while using the earbuds. In terms of audio delay when watching videos, it's barely noticeable. If you are picky you can spot it, but almost everyone will never see it. I have no idea where these reviews of terrific sound quality are originating from. I tried them and felt they were far worse than my AirPods. No matter what settings I had the app's equalizer set to, they always sounded muddy. The bass response is minimal at best, which is a huge disappointment. The treble sounds to be the most prominent, but not by much. Miss and bass just sound washed out, and the sound I experienced felt flatlined with a blanket over it. They block out noise PASSIVELY (not actively like others are stating) fairly well, until they start sliding out. The case they come in feels cheap because it's. The exterior woven fabric certainly adds a nice look and feel, but the use of plastic for the case makes the hinge wobbly and the experience feel under par. The earbuds themselves are made of plastic as well, and they also feel cheap. The uncomfortable feeling I experienced possibly could have been offset by at least offering a rubber exterior or something slightly more premium. The straw that broke the camel's back for these was the random popping I was experiencing watching YouTube videos. In three videos I watched with dialogue, I was hearing random electrostatic-sounding noises from the right earbud. I thought these noises were coming from the videos themselves, so I decided to listen to the same sections with my AirPods and did not hear them. These pops were extraordinarily loud, despite my volume. The utilization of Qualcomm drivers may have something to do with this. It's just weird how very specific moments in videos produced this. They were not random, and I did go back after a few hours passed to retest this, and I was able to replicate the pops every time. Overall, I have little to positively say about these earbuds. They're painfully uncomfortable, offer lousy sound, and have technical issues that should not plague a $300 set of earbuds. Although AirPods are far from being the best-sounding earbuds in the world, their $159.00 price tag puts these to shame. Nearly double the price downgrades my. sound quality, battery life, and technical reliability. But hey, Sennheiser's case looks pretty.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend