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Sharp - SuperSteam Steam Oven - Stainless Steel-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    No more waiting on the oven to heat

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    A few pros and a few cons on this one. Pros: Heats SUPER quick! It uses steam, so you no longer have to wait forever for it to preheat. Just turn on and go. Cons: This sucker is hefty. In order to accommodate the pizza, it takes up a bit more counter-top real estate than my last one. You have to remember to add water or it won't turn on and it doesn't give you an alert that it needs water. Minor adjustment though and I'm sure over time we'll remember. The dials aren't exactly intuitive. You really need to use the start-up guide to figure out how to turn it on and change the temperatures, etc. Usually with this type of product, you're ready to go straight out of the box without really needing to refer to instructions. Another challenge is pulling out the little tray. It's really awkward and you really have to struggle to pull it out from the bottom. We plan to get a separate, smaller tray that we can easily place on top of it and use it more like a shelf. With the square size to accommodate pizzas, it's a little tough finding a tray the right size. Overall, I totally love the time I get back because of how quickly this oven heats however the other gaps called out above disappointed me. Many are minor, but they are all the things one usually expects with a toaster oven. I'm surprised they were overlooked. At this price point, I really expect close to perfection. I love the new feature of steam use for the quicker heat, but would consider other products that deliver that feature without compromising in all the other places.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Useful Countertop Cooker!

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    Being a Vegan family, we are always looking for different ways to prepare and cook foods. We have tried lots of different countertop cooking devices and for the most part, have liked them all. When I saw this new steam oven, I was intrigued. Cooking with steam isn'thing new, but cooking with steam in an oven? That seems like another healthy and interesting way to cook, so I had to give this a shot. The first thing we did was make pizza from scratch. The dough was raw, so it was a great first test. It came out incredibly good (see photos). How this thing can actually cook and crisp raw pizza dough and toppings with steam is beyond me, but really cool to say the least. We have also tried roast-steaming veggies and it worked really well. Almost the same as a regular oven, only faster, still crisping the edges of the veggies perfectly. While I know this isn't a traditional "toaster oven" it is pretty close to the same concept, only using steam and dry heating elements together in unison. To me this seems much better than a traditional toaster oven. The front glass does acquire some condensation when cooking (not much at all), but there is an easily removable drip tray underneath that catches all of the moisture. It is quick and easy to dump this after each cooking session. The oven does have some sort of fan that stays on for a few minutes after it is finished cooking, presumably to dry out the moisture in the oven and eject it into the drip tray and/or to cool it down. The manual calls for filtered water in the tank for steaming, so we use the filtered water from our five gallon water dispenser. The tank is under the dial and comes out easily to fill. I once forgot to fill it and the oven worked well even without the steam, essentially making it more like a regular oven. The heating elements are on the top of the oven, so broiling, faux (or regular) cheese melting, etc., is easy. Nachos! The dial and buttons are super simple and self explanatory and I never had to use the manual to figure them out. The dial also lights up with a red light around its edge making it look pretty cool when in use. There are two pans inside. One is a flat drip pan that can also be used as a cooking tray. The other is the same size, only having holes so things can get a little more crispy. I find that I am using the tray with the holes 90% of the time and the other underneath to catch crumbs and other food from getting all over the bottom of the oven. I would have given a full five stars if it cooked toast as fast as a toaster does, but it does not. This is by no means a deal breaker, but it would have been nice to ditch the toaster and save some room on the counter. Secondly, it is stainless steel, so it does attract fingerprints easily. All in all, we are very happy with this oven. It cooks and re-heats very quickly. In our go go society today, this is a bonus. We are looking forward to seeing what we can do with it next!

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Very versatile and easy to use!

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    So, it's been a while since I received the Sharp SuperSteam Toaster/Pizza Oven and I've had a chance to use in several ways. At first glance, I must say that this oven is very good looking. It features a stainless-steel body with chrome accents. It does not have a lot of buttons or dials -just a selector knob, a digital clock/timer display and a tab for the water reservoir (more of that later) and of course a door handle. It goes well with my stainless-steel stove, dishwasher, and fridge. This finish is a fingerprint magnet though and must be cleaned often. It is big (19.7x18.9x9.3) and it takes a big portion of the counter (where the old toaster used to be). Also, it's heavy (almost 25lbs. @@@@@@@ . It comes with a broil and a grill pan. The oven can accommodate a 12" pizza so it does have some room when it comes to width. However, its height may be on the short side, and that can affect some recipes (baking a loaf of bread? @@@@@@@ . This oven is super easy to use per the included instructions. While it's versatile, it does not have too many options, which I appreciate. All you need to do is add water to the reservoir before using it, select the tray that's needed, select the option (bake/reheat, broil/grill, pizza, toast and warm), time (if needed) and temperature (again, if needed). No need to warm up -it's instant! All options are easily selectable by using the dial knob, select button, and start button. But how does it actually perform? Well, to be honest, I had mostly good results along with some mixed ones as well (no bad ones). Following their included recipe book, I started with the easiest of things: quesadillas. The time calls for 8 minutes, however, I had to readjust the time as the cheese did melt immediately, leaving the tortilla too soft (I like them a bit crispy). This is when I noticed a pretty big issue. To check the food (the window is small, by the way), one must take the entire tray out. That's right; one cannot take the tray halfway without holding it with one oven mitten and this can make it awkward (and potentially unsafe) to handle. I had to transfer the pan to the stove, flip the quesadillas and return it to the oven. In the end, they came out well -although it did take much longer than anticipated. Next, I tried the toast feature. Dealing with regular toast, it did a decent job (although my toaster does a bit of a better job). However, when I tried baking biscuits, the result was amazing. The outside part was crunchy and the inside very moist and soft. Then, I tried some chicken with veggies. I also loved the results as the meat was not dry and the veggies came out nicely broiled and moist. Again, one thing to consider is that you must get used to the timing as it differs greatly from what's recommended in the cooking book. You must check on it constantly. The last thing I been using it for is reheating my food. It is just as good as a microwave (albeit not as fast) without the electronic radiation (if that's your concern). It warms things up evenly. I did reheat regular white rice with some sprinkled water and it did a very decent job, almost making it seem as if the rice was recently cooked. Another thing to remember is to clean the drip pan that's located on the bottom after every use. And never, ever forget to add water to the reservoir before use -every time! Cleaning it's a breeze. In the end, this is a very versatile oven. It does well what it's designed to do with some getting used to. Although I'm very concerned about the issue with handling the pans when checking the food, I hope that the next generation will fix this with a way to rest the pan and allowing for both hands to be used. Overall, I would still recommend it -especially if you are looking for an alternative to microwaving and having a dedicated toaster as well as its ease of use.

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