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Sharp - SuperSteam Steam Oven - Stainless Steel-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great at some things others not so much

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    This is a unique item. Modern looking it will fit nicely with any modern kitchen. Set up is a breeze, unpack, load the water tray (we use only distilled water). Heat up to burn off the new smell and you're ready to go. First the great. this oven does a fantastic job with breads, from toasting hamburger buns (6 min) to warming up dinner rolls or baking french bread. It creates a crispy crust while leaving the inside soft and moist. It will also do a great job on things like quiche or egg dishes especially with cheese or other ingredients that need to moist heat to release their flavor. Cooking denser items (meat including fish) it takes time to achieve the required temperature and gives off quite a bit of heat in the process. Does not work as well as a conventional oven for generating a consistent level of doneness. We haven't tried it yet with baked goods but I suspect it would do a good job with pre-packaged cookies, not so much with scratch. For the unique nature and the things it does well I would recommend it for a general utility oven not so much.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great performance from a pizza/toaster oven

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    It's hard to ask more from a pizza oven than this! Upon opening, the contents of the box are very well packaged and secured. The accessories it comes with are the drip tray, a toasting pan, a broiling pan, a small mini cookbook, and the warranty/instructions, which the instructions seem very well written and easy to follow. The oven itself is a very nice stainless finish. It has two shelves, although most cooking will be done on the top, but the guide goes through which to use and when. This oven uses water for a convection and steam cook, which actually turns food out very crisp and browned perfectly on the outside and soft/fluffy/moist on the inside. This oven does require an initial bake before using with nothing in oven at 485 degrees for 20 minutes. It will smell up your kitchen and house during this time, but it is ok after that. The main thing I love about this oven is there is no preheating, just set the dial and go. It shuts off automatically after the timer ends. The casing does get very hot during cooking, but the radiant heat seemed very minimal. I could not find any big radiant hot spots around the oven, so it seems safe around other items on the countertop as long as they are not directly touching. There is a vent though on the left side when facing the front of the oven but even that never seemed to blow very hot. When cooking, things seemed to cook perfect on the minimum oven setting the food package states. I cooked frozen biscuits that say 20-25 minutes and they were perfectly browned and cooked on the inside at 20 minutes. The only thing I noticed was they didn't quite have the same height as when cooking in a regular oven. The toast setting works very nice and the tray can hold up to 9 pieces of bread. The setting goes from 1-8 and I put mine on 5 initially and the toast was quite dark. I tried again at 3 and the toast was a very nice shade and very crunchy. I also tried a piece of pre-buttered toast on 5 and it melted the butter perfectly, and the bottom of the toast was still very crispy. The toasting tray is barely big enough to fit a tombstone pizza on, and it is kind of awkward to cook with it being a square toasting tray. On the pizza setting, it cooks perfectly with a nice golden brown cheese and crispy crust. All the cheese was melted and no cold spots. The important part of this oven is the water. It has a easy to remove and fill container on the front panel, and it must be filled to the fill line before any cooking, including toast, and you must use cold, filtered water. It says the water tray is good for 60 mintes of cooking before its empty but it seemed to use water quicker than that. Just need to make sure you keep track of it between cooks. The instructions recommend doing a 20 minute bake at 485 degrees with no water at the end of every day you use it to get the water out of the feed lines, but really seems like overkill to me and a lot of wasted electricity, seeing as this is an 1800w oven. Also to note the instructions say to place food directly on the trays, but I would strongly recommend using foil on the tray first with a bit of pam. Also, you must use the drip tray that comes with it, because there is a lot of moisture inside the oven when cooking, and it is designed run down the bottom of the door so when you open it after cooking is done, the water will run into drip tray. It's very easy to remove and drain and clean. It attaches to the front legs. But only the cooking trays are dishwasher safe. Overall this is a great pizza/toaster oven. I love not having to preheat and the perfect cooks, nice design, and ease of use make it well worth it.

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