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Sony - Audio System - Black-Front_Standard

Sony - Audio System - Black

Model: GTKXB72SKU: 6336539

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Fun Speaker!

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    This is a fun speaker! It has many options for connectivity in Bluetooth, Aux, NFC, & FM Tuner. I primarily used the Bluetooth with my phone. Was able to stream ALL audio from my phone and it worked very well. The sound is good out of the box, but you are able to customize the EQ via the Sony Amp. We used this outside and in the garage. Will prob take with us to the pool this summer. It has good handles so this is easily portable. I only wish they had found a pocket for the power cord and USB cable for phone charging! Oh yeah, it has a USB port for keeping your phone charged! It has good range for sound and works as a Karaoke machine. My kids loved it. Connects with a standard wired Microphone. Good and fun speaker - this will replace the Boom box of years past! I did knock off 1 star for lack of cable storage.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Monstrous Size, Sound, & Value

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    At first glance, the $350 launch price seemed a bit daunting to me, but I quickly realized that this speaker is a much better value than a lot of the smaller counter-top Bluetooth speakers offered by companies such as Bose or Marshall. ? This speaker is a true beast!? Not only does it offer monstrous sound and thumping bass, but it is truly versatile. ? The speaker looks great standing next to an entertainment center and also works very well as a party speaker. The speaker is easy to set up and simple to use. ? While Sony tries to force the use of their Music Center App, it seems at least some of the time the typical Bluetooth pairing will get you up and running. ? But, if you are having trouble pairing - you will want to connect specifically through the Sony app (which does work quite well). ? The app is also the easiest way to control the various lights - providing color & flash/strobe options. It is worth noting that this speaker is not made for mounting. ? If you are a DJ, or are purchasing this speaker for use at events, there is no easy way to mount to a pole or hang on a wall. ? This speaker will either be standing vertically, or laying horizontally (having rubber feet for both options). ? Multiple speakers can synch via Bluetooth, but the shape of the speaker tilts upwards and is not a perfect box - meaning that speakers are not easy to stack (vertically or horizontally). ? Outdoor use can be cumbersome as the speaker is not water resistant and as the cord is only 5 feet long. ? The volume is loud enough to set the speaker anywhere, but because this speaker puts on a light show - you actually want it to be seen. ? I suggest having an extension cord handy. Interestingly, while the cabinet appears to have a tweeter in all 4 corners, there are actually only 3 (each 2 inches in size). ? The 4th tweeter is non-functioning and simply makes the speaker look balanced visually. ? When the speaker is standing vertically, only the top two tweeters play audio. ? When the speaker is laid down horizontally, the speaker automatically adjusts moving the audio to what then becomes the top two tweeters. I tested the speaker outdoors - as I intend to use it for summer BBQs and block parties. ? The speaker had absolutely no trouble filling our entire cul-de-sac with clear audio and decent bass. I truly am impressed by how well this speaker works both indoors and out. ? @@@@@@@@ Just keep in mind that it is not waterproof. @@@@@@@ ? It functions well at both low & high volumes. ? The live music function is a noticeable change, but can leave the vocals sounding hollow & distant. ? I appreciate that it is an option, but I would assume that most people will want to leave the audio unaltered. While the Bluetooth is generally convenient, the connection quickly cuts out if it does not have direct line of sight. ? 30 feet of wireless range may seem like plenty of space, but at a block party, on a dance floor, or even inside the house - this is fairly limited. ? Keep in mind that you will not be able to wander away from the speaker - the phone will need to stay near by. ? And, this model does not have any slot to hold your phone/tablet. ? The speaker also does not have a standard 3.5mm audio input. ? Instead, it has the red & white component input (and output). ? You may be able to use the 1/4" microphone input (if you have an adapter), but that is probably not the best option as your main audio input. ? . If you don't want to worry about wireless range (or worry about your phone ringing through the speaker in the middle of a party), using the radio is also an option that works well. The colored LED lights work well and look quite nice. ? I appreciate that the LED strips are no longer located behind the wire mesh. ? They are now unobstructed & nicely frame the speaker. ? By default, the lights continue to cycle even when the audio is not playing, but the lights can be controlled with both a physical button and also within the app. ? The white strobe lights are less impressive as they are really not all that bright. ?? I do wish the speaker could be powered by an internal battery - even if it was only a couple of hours, but overall I think this speaker is a great value and is conveniently versatile. ? If its physical bulk does not bother you, it is worth purchasing. ? And, if you want to save some money, previous models are still sold for a lot less. Pros: + Works well both indoors and out + Audio remains crisp & clear even at high volumes + Noticeably rich bass boost + NFC (Near Field Communication) feature makes pairing (via Bluetooth 4.2) very easy + Speaker automatically adjusts which two tweeters are used to play audio (depending on if the speaker is standing vertically, or lying horizontally) + 1/4" inch Microphone Input allows the speaker to be used for karaoke, or to make announcements at an event + Microphone has its own volume knob + Built in pin-hole microphone works decently for answering phone calls + Two built in Handles (top & bottom) aid in carrying + Lights are easily controlled via Sony Connect App (both color & flashing options) + Multiple speakers can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth + Light colors sync up when multiple speakers are linked + Can play via Bluetooth or from files on a USB memory stick + Multiple audio sources (phones/tablets) can be linked simultaneously Cons: - No optical input - No battery - No bracket or attachment to aid in mounting - Heavy (about 26 lbs) - No slot for holding phone, or tablet - No Remote Control (which was included in previous models) - Not water resistant or water proof - White Strobe Lights are not very bright - Speaker's shape does not allow them to be easily stacked - Cord is only 5 feet long (which can make it difficult to use outdoors) - Bluetooth range is problematic. 30 feet is only with perfect line of sight. - Live Music mode (at times) leaves music sounding hollow and vocals sounding distant & muted - Fiestable App is slow, unimpressive, and not worth using

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Sony XB72 is Vision of How Music Will be Played

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    The future is here with portable/home audio. The Sony GTK-XB72 high power home system with Bluetooth Tech is that future, right now. The Sony XB72 is a mighty sounding speaker system with various ways to connect to your smartphone, CPU, USB, 3.5mm jack, wireless TV, RCAs and just about anything with Bluetooth/NFC (Near Field Communication). A couple of Sony smartphone apps help to control the sound and lighting. The Sony XB72 can also be connected wirelessly with other XB72 models for an even more impressive house filling sound. Well, that is the short of it, now I will get more in depth with the details that makes this Sony XB72 so special. . Once I unboxed the Sony XB72, which only took a couple of minutes, I hooked it to my Bluetooth on my CPU. It literally took 10 seconds for the Sony XB72 to play music once the two were paired. A voice comes from the speaker and lets you know you are connected, them paired. This is one of the coolest features. The Sony XB72 has Bluetooth connections that allow you to pair with smartphones, tablets and music streaming like Spotify. I have my Sony XB72 hooked up with my Bluetooth on my CPU and smartphone. I play the music from the CPU and smartphone with no wires and brilliant sound. . The sound is clear and precise from the speakers inside the unit. The speakers are 2"x 3 tweeters and 6 3/8"x 2 woofers and really provide soaring highs and punchy, tight sounding bass. Talk about bass! When the Extra Bass button is pushed, the sound goes deep and is omni directional. It instantly fills the area with amazing sound. When the Extra Bass is off, the Sony XB72 still sounds great, but you will miss the extra bass!! . There's a LIVE button on the top of the unit. It puts out a live sound that covers more area with music and a wider gamat of space. I personally didn't care for the LIVE sound. To my ears it made the music sound hollow. . Use the Sony Music Center app to adjust the EQ and other options that you can use to make the sound better based on what device the music comes from. The EQ is a 4 band plus bass band to help set the music to your liking. I really like the sound without any adjustments on the EQ, so I left that option alone. . Do you karaoke? There's a mic plug in where sing through the speakers of the XB72 till your heart's content. This is always a great option for parties. . The lights on the unit are very vibrant. They appear in different colors that sync in time with the music. There's also 2 strobe lights along with the others lights that really get your attention in a cool display of color. The lights are a nice feature for a party or just hanging out with friends. You can hook up the lights on your smartphone with the fiestable app. Colors appear on your smartphone that correspond to the Sony XB72. It is a unique feature, but watch your battery life on the colors, it drains the battery. . Plug your favorite USB with songs to play them on the Sony XB72. You can also plug in your smartphone or tablet as another option to play music on the Sony XB72. And you can charge your smartphone or USB device directly connected the Sony sound system. . You can hook up to 50 compatible Sony speakers to get some wild and amazing sound! No cable or wires, it is done with a touch of a button to sync the speakers. If you use just 2 units you can actually make the stereo sound. One unit is the right and the other unit is the left. A cool reason to get another one of the XB72. . There's also a radio antenna. Just pull it up from the back and listen in to your favorite station. I don't listen to the radio hardly ever, but it is nice to use if that is your thing. . You can also stand up the Sony unit or lay it on its side. The XB72 knows how it is arranged and can adapt the music to fit the setting. When standing up, the unit actually has tilt upward. It will not lay flat against a wall, but with the tilt the music isn't eaten up by the floor/carpet. This Sony XB72 is the first music unit to address this problem by providing an angle. . There's even more ways to enjoy the music coming out of the XB72. The DJ mode lets you modify the music with a Flanger, WAH and Pan. The Flanger sounds like the "roar of a plane." The WAH sound is that of the frequency going up and down. The last type of DJ sound you can hear is the Pan. The Pan represents music that sweeps across the unit. These setting are really cool. They add a different distinctive sound that is at the very least interesting. I can't say if I have a favorite, but you might when listening to the DJ mode! . Want to answer your phone on the XB72? You sure can through Bluetooth and a built in mic. This way you don't have to on your phone, you can just answer it conveniently through the unit. The overall weight of the unit is about 27 lbs, but the XB72 has two handles that make carrying it pretty easy. It is about 26" tall, 14" wide and 15" deep. If you are short on space you can stand it up or lay it down according to your preference. The Sony XB72 is a great way to party with music. It has numerous ways to connect, change or edit the sound. The 2 apps make it fun as well. To be honest I am not sure of the wattage, but I can tell you it can easily fill house with music and your party goers a lot of enjoyment. The Sony XB72 is the future of boom boxes and micro systems a like. The Sony XB72 combines them all in a neat carrying unit with music synced lights and sound that will blow you away!

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