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    Tricked; A Shocking Look Inside America’s Human Trafficking Trade caught my interest due to me just wanting to be curious on why my late biological mother got caught up and seemingly stuck in what appears to be a dangerous profession. I must preface by making it clear that I do not have an interest in ever working in this field regardless of whether the this trade was made legal or stayed illegal(attributed in part to how my adoptive parents raised me). The informative parts of this documentary; Law enforcement officials were interviewed in this documentary, a caseworker, various former escort workers that are super young that seemingly escaped from the field, and some men who control the women are interviewed. Some of the following facts of this documentary; Many girls are forced into streetwalking around age 12, one featured in the documentary was as young as 11 years old. A caseworker was featured who was trying to help a 14 year old and her baby, but he was told that he and his wife were technically not allowed to help her out. At the end of the documentary, it is listed that she actually lost custody of her baby and was missing. Some other people featured; Dr. Shera Bradley a psychologist, Cindy a former Las Vegas escort, Mitch Morissey a Denver District Attorney, Hugh- a john, and Nikolas Kristoff a journalist. Then there is the discussion of what is called ‘A Players Ball’ that is held in Chicago where supposedly pimps and their girls get dressed in scantily clad clothing. There is also a scene of footage in Las Vegas Nevada and some Las vegas bar named the Chandelier. As per Karen Hughes of the Las Vegas Police-Las Vegas Nevada is a top destination for the streetwalking field because of the glamour scene of Las Vegas and the amount of financial wealth that flows around. The other informative angle was that many of the young wprlers featured bravely recounted what they endured and what happened along the way before they escaped. However, my caveat with this film, there were not much workers featured who have kids (when it is common knowledge that many are mothers whose young children are at risk of being forced targets of their mother’s clients and/or lovers). Additionally, the documentary could have been made stronger by also featuring women who were in their 30’s,40’s,50’s and maybe beyond. Last, but not least, there were not men or transgendered people featured in this documentary and it is also common knowledge that females, males, and transgendered people are also at risk of suffering greatly in what is currently a dangerous profession across the United States (due to the common knowledge that what the men, women, and.or transgendered people in this risky field are doing is illegal in most parts of the United States). I’m reluctant to share my viewpoint because I already know that it most likely may not happen during my lifetime if ever, but after watching this documentary I do feel that the crimes involved with this risky profession may decrease if this industry is made legal across the United States (with the stipulations that they are at least 17 or 18 years of age, that they are paid a minimum wage with taxes based on income and other rules necessary to make the profession safer). The reason for my viewpoint-more people would feel safe coming forward to law officials to report if they are being harmed by either their johns and/or their violent bosses and the money that is taxed from this dangerous field can be used for greater good such as job retraining programs for those who are truly ready to leave the field and want to get into a more legitimate career and/or job that is a guaranteed employment vehicle to where they do not have to sell their body, safe childcare for children of these workers etc. I must avoid explaining more because this is not the forum for me to do so.

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