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Trigun, Vol. 1: The $60,000,000,000 Man [DVD]-Front_Standard

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    Anime Gold


    The colors are dry and glaring, but are consistant with the desert scenery. Trigun animation is not the best, but the character and weapon designs, as well as terrific story make up for it. There is a multitude of uniquely funny, chibi-style comic-releif, and some stunning close ups. The characters are hilarious, and the character development is excellent. There are also some very intriguing villains, and one of anime’s best anti-heroes, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. The music is not the greatest that I’ve heard, but it fits the scene and some of the score is quite pleasing. I definitely recommend Trigun to anyone who loves action and comedy. ... I personally enjoy dubbed anime. Trigun is one of the better-dubbed animes that I’ve seen. There is some bad acting by one-shot characters, but the main characters are very well done, and that’s what counts. Actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, voices Vash. He perfectly portrays the transitional moods of his character with his silly, high-pitched shrieks and shrills, but he is able to put deep emotion into his voice. I could not imagine anyone else doing the voice of Vash the Stampede. ... There is great plot, great theme, great emotion and great action. It’s just a GREAT anime, and is a MUST for any anime fan. GET THE ENTIRE SERIES!

    I would recommend this to a friend