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Turtle Beach - Elite Pro 2 Wired Gaming Headset with Elite SuperAmp Bluetooth Audio Controller for PlayStation 4 - Black/Silver-Angle_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    A whole lot of meh

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    When I opened the box I was impressed. The headsets are really nicely designed and felt very solid. Trying them on and they felt great and sat nicely on my melon. I honestly could not wait to try these out!!! That was where the excitement ended. I did something I rarely the manual first. I had a feeling, with all the connections, that I may want to prepare myself before connecting to anything. According to the manual there is a Windows or Mac download for the headset and hub. It is recommended to update the headset for the latest features. I downloaded on my Windows 10 laptop. Performed the install and connected the device as prompted. Nope, did not find it, but Windows installed the drivers. Ok, kill the power and try again. Nope. Read a little and decided to force a software update by holding the Bluetooth button while plugging in the MINI-USB (yes mini) connector. It started the update and finished a few seconds later. The Windows/Mac app controls nothing with the headset but will perform firmware updates only. Now testing it out on the PC, tried adjusting the volume with the SuperAmp. Nothing. OK, lets look at the manual again. AH! I need to set the Amp in PC mode! Let me grab my Android phone. NOPE. Went to the TB website and clicked on the Android installer for Android 4.3 and higher. 4.3? Jelly Bean? Really? Guess that matches the MINI-USB connector. "Item not found" Ok, search by name... NOPE. Guess my OnePlus 6T has too new of an OS. Let's try my sons Essential PH-1... Nope, not from pre-2015. Well, guess I can try and connect to my work iPhone. AudioHub app says the device can not be found. OK, paired the Amp to the iPhone and the app can connect. Is this a joke? The app is completely useless and more of a puzzle game than a tool to enhance your experience. But it will drain a battery with no problem since it locks the screen on and tells you to plug the phone in. After about 10 minutes of clicking here and there and trying to direct thru this maze I found where to switch to PC mode. Maybe the AMP will allow me to control the volume now. NOPE. OK, enough with the PC, I won't use the AMP with the PC and just use the headphones as headphones. They are nice. Now to the real reason for these bad boys...PS4 TIME! Went thru the setting and connected the Amp to the PS4. Let's see what she can do. I can't hear anything. Turn the volume up. Nope. Turn the volume up inside the PS4 settings. OK, now we are cooking I can hear something. Turn the volume up on the Amp. NOPE. Ok, grab the phone and see what I can do. Finally I got the volume where I can hear it. But the Amp is useless, outside of lights a extension and a USB connection it does absolutely nothing. The dial makes the LED lights change like you are doing something but NADA. The Amp is useless. Just plug into the controller and save some pain. At least the headsets are nice. Good: Comfortable Nice design Can be configured for more comfort when wearing glasses, a cutout under the ear pads Bad: Mini-USB, really? Not sure why there is a Windows/Mac app. It does nothing but firmware updates. Essentially no Android app if you are on a fairly recent OS release. Checked on my other sons LG G6 and not available there either. Apple app is a maze. Terrible design. Good at draining a battery. Bad at managing anything. Honestly, the more I fought with this thing the more I wondered what the need for the amp was that a inline volume controller could not have done better. I expected better and was thoroughly disappointed. The headsets are nice, but the rest is garbage. Giving it 2 stars because I do like the feel of the headset and the design, but would not recommend to anyone…even people I want to beat online. I am hoping future firmware updates make the amp anything more than a flashlight. Also hoping the app is rewritten or at a minimum is available on Android versions from the last 3 years.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


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    Huge fan of TB... I had the elite 800 for 4 years without issues. This model - the sound modes are weak, superhuman hearing is very artificial now, volume for PS4 is ok, The mute button is on the cord which is annoying. There are no buttons on the headset itself. Everything is on the app but the only way to adjust volume is by reaching for the amp and turning it. So if you need to make change and your phone is dead or not around, you can’t do anything. Not much versatility with EQ customizations. I have both the Astro A50 and this to compare and and the Astro is so much better sad to say.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend