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Two Worlds: Epic Edition - Windows-softwareScreenShots

Two Worlds: Epic Edition - Windows

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Two Worlds Epic Edition Not so bad after all!


    The Pro-game review critics harshly gave this quaint little game a unfair review. They failed to really see the games strong points. First of all, you have got to be an avid RPG gamer fan such as I to see what is good and not so good in all the RPG's out there on the PC and console market. Two Worlds Epic edition is not a bad game afterall. especially for twenty bucks or less! The graphics are not bad, in fact they are above average. The combat hack-N-slash action system is great and easy to control. The quest overall are not too corny and the treasure/booty drops are awsome.! The couple of resounding complaints that I have noticed myself and heared from other gamer's are; The cheezy english voiceover and lipsynch dubs which Topware from Las Vegas was supposed to manage. Hence, the avatars look great but, there lips either don't move right with the english voiceovers or they don't move at all. But, who really cares! There are gobs and gobs of RPG's past and present that are just as cheezy. Something to remember this game was made in Europe in other foreign languages first before it was redubbed into english. Secondly, who reallys cares Kyra is soo hot, and tell me who is really watching her lips move perfectly afterall? Also, some people tend to find the main plot of vanquishing the "Evil Taint" from the Kingdom Antaloor why too corny. Ahh, taint, schmaint who cares! I just want to kill some monsters, badguys, ride horses, and get some really cool weapons and stuff. Folks, this is a Polish knock-off of Oblivion. It IS NOT Oblivion bot, neither are the other RPG's outhere not many eevn ccome close. So, play it for what it is and enjoiy!

    I would recommend this to a friend