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SAMSUNGTop-loading washer with activewash.

Easily pre-treat your clothes, gently wash your largest loads, and reduce the total time you spend doing laundry with this Samsung washer featuring ActiveWash.

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Built-in sink.

Pre-treat your clothes with care. The built-in sink and powerful water jet provides a one-stop solution for stain removal and prewashing.

Integrated touch controls.

The Samsung washer with ActiveWash features touchscreen controls that are built into the lid. This eliminates the need for a traditional rear-panel control and provides a sleek, contemporary look. The ergonomic design with a soft-close lid delivers the perfect blend of form and function.

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Super speed.

Samsung's Super Speed technology provides a faster and more thorough wash cycle. Simply select this cycle and get up to a 40% faster wash cycle — without sacrificing cleaning performance. With SuperSpeed, you can quickly wash a full load in as little as 36 minutes.


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