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Savant Lighting

Enhance Your World with Color

Savant combines colored smart light bulbs and LED strips with a remarkable app experience.

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Savant Lighting and TrueImage

Touch and see your lighting colors even when you're not in the room. Exclusive to Savant Lighting, TrueImage allows you to touch the image of the light on your mobile device, select a color and view how it appears.

Light bulb

No Hub Necessary

Start with a single bulb and add up to 50 more through Bluetooth mesh technology.

Brilliant Color

Color tunable from 2000K to 8000K in white, plus millions of colors.

Scheduled Scenes and Light Shows

Create scenes and schedule lights to turn on or off, including vacation mode. Put on a light show for your next party.

Smartphone displaying lighting controls
Smartphone displaying lighting controls, Your lights will flash twice while we capture your image

Setup Is Simple

Set Up Savant Lighting: First, install Savant light bulbs anywhere in your home, just like any other light bulb. Then, download the free Savant Lighting app. Make sure Bluetooth is on and the Savant app will locate available lights, assign a room and let you control them all.

Set Up TrueImage: Hold your mobile device up to the light to snap your TrueImage picture. Now you can simply touch the picture of the light you want to select a color. The photo will automatically update to show the current start of that light.

Energy Efficient

Savant bulbs are energy efficient and use a fraction of the energy of traditional light bulbs.


Upgrade to Savant Pro for smart home to control your climate, music, security system and more.

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