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Insignia™ - Optical/Coaxial Digital-to-Analog Converter - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: NS-HZ313
  • SKU: 4226000
Only @ Best Buy
Compatible with most optical and coaxial digital audio devices; optical or coaxial digital input selectable; PCM stereo support; includes a power adapter and an RCA stereo audio cable
Insignia™ - Digital to Analog Converter Box with HDMI-output - Black - Angle
  • Model: NS-DXA3
  • SKU: 5449400
Compatible with analog and digital displays; works with most indoor and outdoor antennas (not included); convert digital over-the-air channels for viewing on compatible displays and TVs; electronic program guide (EPG); supports Dolby Digital audio; Text-to-voice speakers; sleep timer
TEAC - Dual Monaural Digital-to-Analog Converter - Silver - Larger Front
  • Model: UD-301 SILVER
  • SKU: 5196603
Compatible with USB, coaxial, optical digital audio sources, PC and Mac; dual monaural design; asynchronous mode; two BurrBrown DACs; MUSE operational amplifier; headphone amplifier; toroidal core power transformer; aluminum enclosure
Key Digital - HD Spider Series Digital-to-Analog Audio Converter - Larger Front
  • Model: KD-DAXAA
  • SKU: 9216295
KEY DIGITAL HD Spider Series Digital-to-Analog Audio Converter: Compatible with most audio amplifiers, distributed audio systems and A/V receivers; enables conversion of 2-channel PCM or Toslink digital audio to analog L/R audio
AudioQuest - DragonFly Black v1.5 - Black - Larger Front
  • SKU: 5312905
Up to 24-bit / 96kHz; output 1.2 volts; Microchip PIC32MX; Analog Volume Control; Asynchronous USB Streamlength
NAD - DAC 2 Wireless USB DAC - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: DAC 2
  • SKU: 2945276
NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB DAC: Transmits music from PC or Mac; converts digital signals to analog; point-to-point wireless technology
GefenTV - Digital Audio Converter - White - Angle
  • Model: GTV-DD-2-AA
  • SKU: 1649036
Compatible with multichannel S/PDIF or TOSLINK digital audio sources; decodes Dolby Digital sound (at up to 5.1 channels); digital to analog converter (DAC); digital interpolation filter; 24-bit incoming bitstream; easy to install
Flexson - Analog to Digital Converter - Black - Angle
  • Model: FLXA2D1021
  • SKU: 5706937
Connects TVs that have only analog outputs to Sonos Playbar; provides reliable and lossless audio signal transmission; easy to install and use
Victrola - 50's Audio system - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: V50-200 BLACK
  • SKU: 5255018
VICTROLA Stereo Audio System: audio line-in, headphones and USB connectivity; 78, 33.3 and 45 RPM speeds; radio, CD player and audio analog to digital converter; built-in speakers; built-in USB audio adapter
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Save $15
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Native Instruments - KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 Audio Interface - Multi - Angle
  • Model: 21066
  • SKU: 4854451
Compatible with PC and Mac; 24-bit, 96kHz Cirrus Logic analog-to-digital converters; low-latency performance; analog and digital inputs and outputs; 6-in/6-out portable audio/MIDI interface
Key Digital - HD Hot Rod Series Video Converter and Scaler - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: KD-VCS500
  • SKU: 7726037
KEY DIGITAL HD Hot Rod Series Video Converter and Scaler: Converts VGA video and analog audio to digital HDMI; 720p and 1080p upscaling options; dual-color LED; HDMI output; VGA and 3.5mm stereo audio inputs
Bluesound - VAULT 2 - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: VAULT 2 BLA
  • SKU: 4820920
BLUESOUND VAULT 2: Stream music to your speaker system; CD ripper; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity; optical and analog audio inputs; learning IR controls; built-in 32/192 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter); subwoofer output
iSimple - JamKast FM Transmitter for Select Apple® iPod® and iPhone® Models - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: ISFM75
  • SKU: 8678104
Compatible with most Apple iPod and iPhone models with a Lightning connector; digital-to-analog converter; LCD display; 1-amp charging output; plug-and-play operation
Bluesound - NODE 2 - White - Larger Front
  • Model: NODE 2 WHI
  • SKU: 4820921
BLUESOUND NODE 2: Wirelessly stream music; Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity; optical and analog audio inputs; learning IR controls; built-in 32/192 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter); high-performance headphone output; subwoofer output
Rotel - CD Player - Silver and Black - Larger Front
  • Model: CD-14 SILVER
  • SKU: 5590423
CD and MP3 formats support; Wolfson 24-bit/192kHz Digital to Analog Converter; informative display; digital and analog outputs

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