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  1. Peerless-AV - SmartMount Tilt Display TV Wall Mount For Most 32" - 50" Flat Panel Displays,TVs - Semi-gloss Black, Black

  2. Peerless-AV - SmartMount Tilt TV Display Wall Mount For Most 39" - 80" TVs,Flat Panel Displays - Semi-gloss Black

  3. Peerless-AV - Designer Display Wall Mount For Most 37" - 75" Flat Panel Displays - Gloss Black

  4. Peerless-AV - Ultra Slim Display Wall Mount For Most 40" - 80" Flat Panel Displays - Black, Gloss Black

  5. Peerless-AV - Tilt Display Wall Mount For Most 10" - 29" Flat Panel Displays - Black, Semi-gloss Black

  6. Chief - MID SIZED SWING ARM - Black

  7. Peerless-AV - Desktop Monitor Mount for up to 38" Monitors - Black

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  9. Peerless-AV - 14x14" In-wall Box - White

    Model: IB14X14-W
    SKU: 6508194

    Not Yet Reviewed

  10. Peerless-AV - Display Wall Mount For Most 42" - 55" Flat Panel Displays - Black

  11. Kanto Full Motion TV Wall Mount for Metal Studs for Most 34" to 65" TVs - Black

    Model: LX600SW
    SKU: 6522320

    Not Yet Reviewed

  12. Chief - Wall Enclosure - Black

  13. Kanto - Full Motion TV Wall Mount for Most 37" to 60" TVs - White

    Model: PS350W
    SKU: 6530147

    Not Yet Reviewed

  14. Peerless-AV - 14x14" In-wall Box with Duplex Surge Suppressor - White

    Model: IB14X14-AC-W
    SKU: 6508198

    Not Yet Reviewed

  15. Peerless-AV - Hardware Kit - Black

    Model: ACC215
    SKU: 8479906

    Not Yet Reviewed

  16. Logitech - MeetUp TV Mount Standard

    Model: 939-001498
    SKU: 6131900

    Not Yet Reviewed

  17. Chief - FIT Tilting TV Wall Mount for Most 40" - 80" Flat-Panel TVs - Black

  18. Kanto - Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for Most 37" - 60" Flat-Panel TVs - Extends 22" - Black

  19. Chief - Full-Motion TV Mount for 40"-55" Flat-Panel TVs - Extends 25" - Black

Buying a TV mount.

Different types of TV wall mounts. 

You’ve bought a beautiful, brand-new flat-screen TV and plan to hang it on the wall to save space, but which TV wall mount is best for the job? Rest assured that whatever your television size and budget, Best Buy has a large selection of TV hangers and accessories available for every type of room. Most people buy flat-screen TV mounts for traditional living spaces like dens, bedrooms and family rooms, but they are also popular for home gyms and outdoor spaces. These mounts are usually placed on walls. But when that isn’t an option, there are corner and ceiling TV mounts that can be installed inside, or even outside on patio overhangs, to position the TV as high as possible so more people can see what’s on the screen. It's also important to consider the following features. Do you need a full-motion TV wall mount that adjusts up, down and around? Are cord storage capabilities important? Or do you want a TV stand that includes a flat-panel mount plus a shelf or two for your sound bar and other components? Once you’ve found the mount that works best with your devices, you’ll need to purchase the right TV mounting brackets and shelves, if they aren’t already included in the package you selected. Regardless of your space layout or television measurements, we can help you find the best TV wall mount for your unique needs.

Choosing the best TV wall mount for you. 

With so many choices, you may be wondering where to begin when shopping wall mounts for your TV. To narrow down your options, first think about where you’ll be installing the TV mount. For large-screen TVs that are viewable from every angle, a fixed TV mount is a logical choice. On the other hand, if you need a 55-inch TV wall mount that can be adjusted depending on where you feel like sitting that day, then go with a swivel TV mount that can be moved manually or with a remote. Many of these styles have articulating arms that can move in all directions for easy viewing, whether you’re on the couch or in a bean bag on the floor. Fitness buffs are fond of mounting TVs in front of exercise equipment to keep them motivated during workouts. People who like watching movies in bed might appreciate mounting a TV on the ceiling so they don’t have to strain their neck to see the show. Whatever your interests and hobbies, our Best Buy Geek Squad® offers several TV installation and mounting services to ensure your electronics are securely attached and ready to use as soon as possible.

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