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Buying a TV antenna.

Benefits of a digital TV antenna.

The TV antenna has survived the introduction of cable modems and cable TV and even the age of streaming media devices. To this day, the major broadcast stations continue to send out signals for free, giving you access to some of the most popular TV shows and programs with no subscription or extra fees.

HDTV/digital signals use the same frequencies as the old analog broadcasting system. However, digital signals are less forgiving of poor antenna placement. If you live close to transmitters in your area, an indoor TV antenna will do the trick, but in more remote areas, an outdoor TV antenna mounted on the roof is going to give you better reception. For especially weak signals, use an amplified antenna to get the most coverage.

You will also want to consider whether you'd be better served by a directional antenna — which works well in areas with hills, big trees or tall buildings because it focuses on signals coming from the direction it's facing. Or, you might want to consider a multi-directional antenna, which can pull in signals from more than one transmitter.

Setting up a TV antenna.

To use an HD antenna, find the coaxial antenna input on your TV. Your new digital antenna likely comes with the coaxial cables that you need, but if you want to connect the antenna to multiple televisions across different rooms, you might need coaxial splitters. Keep in mind that signal strength is diminished each time you incorporate a splitter.

Another way to stream the over-the-air signals across your home is to use your Wi-Fi router and a wireless over-the-air tuner. OTA tuners allow you to access local channels that broadcast their content in high definition. If you ever need assistance with setting up your Wi-Fi and networking equipment, be sure to look into home Wi-Fi setup to help ensure that your internet is working at its best.

Every situation presents different challenges to the signal strength and digital antenna setup, including whether your antenna will be indoor or outdoor and the distance and direction to the nearest transmitter(s). For more detailed information, think about looking into how to set up a TV antenna. This way, you’ll be able to get the best signal possible out of your digital TV antenna.

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