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  1. AudioControl - 2-Channel Active Line Output Converter and Line Driver - Black

  2. Arcam - PA240 760W 2.0-Ch. Power Amplifier - Gray

    Model: ARCPA240AM
    SKU: 6391969
  3. NAD - PP2 Digital Phono Preamplifier - Black

  4. Sonance - 8-50 AMP - 400W 8.0-Ch. Digital Power Amplifier (Each) - Black

  5. Devialet - Expert Pro 220W 2.0-Ch. Amplifier - Chrome

  6. PYLE - 20W 2-Ch. Power Amplifier - Black

  7. Sonance - Sonamp 100W 2.0-Ch. Digital Power Amplifier (Each) - Black

    SKU: 5683418

    Not Yet Reviewed

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  9. Denon - HEOS AMP HS2SR 200W 2.1-Ch. Wireless Class D Amplifier - Black and Gunmetal

    SKU: 4927501
  10. Phoenix Gold - MX 600W 4-Channel Full Range Class D Sub Compact Amplifier - Black

  11. MartinLogan - 500W 2.0-Ch Multi-Purpose Stereo/Bridgeable DSP Power Amplifier - Black

    Model: MP500D
    SKU: 6513732

    Not Yet Reviewed

  12. Phoenix Gold - MX 800W 5-Channel Full Range Class D Sub Compact Amplifier - Black

  13. MartinLogan - SWT-2 Wireless Subwoofer Transmitter and Receiver - Black

  14. Marantz - AV 10 125W 15.4-Ch Pre Amplifier - Black

  15. Sonance - DSP 2-150 MKII - 300W 2.0-Ch. DSP Power Amplifier (Each) - Black

  16. Definitive Technology - Descend DN8 8" Sub, 3XR Architecture, 500W Peak Class D Amplifier & (2) 8" Bass Radiators - Black

    Model: Descend DN8
    SKU: 6467272
  17. Sonance - DSP 2-750 MKII - 1500W 2.0-Ch. DSP Power Amplifier - Black

  18. NAD - M10 Masters Series Stereo BluOS Powered Streaming Amplifier - Black

  19. Mark Levinson - No526 Dual-Monaural Preamplifier for Digital and Analog Sources - black

    Model: No526
    SKU: 6441054

    Not Yet Reviewed

Buying an amplifier.

Finding the best amplifier for you.

An audio amplifier takes the low voltage signal from a source — like a Blu-ray or DVD player, turntable or microphone — and increases it (amplifies it) so that it is strong enough to power sound from your speakers.

The best amplifier for you depends on the needs of your sound system. Because there are various audio setups, amplifiers are categorized in different classes. While class A amplifiers give you the greatest sound fidelity, they are not usually ideal for using in a home because they require a lot of energy. Instead, common home stereo amplifiers classes include AB, D and G.

class AB amplifier adds efficiency to the A amplifier design while preserving much of the premium sound capabilities. A class G amplifier improves the AB design even more while maintaining premium sound. And a class D amplifier is among the most efficient and budget-friendly amplifier designs but does sacrifice some sound quality.

Adding your audio amplifier to your home.

An excellent home stereo amplifier system includes a preamp in addition to the amplifier. A preamp connects several source devices and can be used to switch between those sources. Preamps also often include equalization controllers and other features like gain and effects. Meanwhile, a power amplifier is just focused on increasing the audio signal. You can also combine preamp and amplifier processes in an integrated amplifier.

There are a lot of things to consider when looking into which audio system is best for your home. Sure, you can opt for simple Bluetooth speakers with built-in amplifiers that are useful for casual listening. But if you want captivating surround sound or something to supply a party with bouncing beats, then you will want to have a more complete sound system with an amp unit.

If you need help, Best Buy’s home audio setup can help you connect your devices and speakers for optimal performance.

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