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Easily design and deliver exceptional photos and videos with guided edits.
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  1. Adobe - Photoshop (1-Year Subscription) - Mac OS, Windows [Digital] - Front_Zoom

    Adobe - Photoshop (1-Year Subscription) - Mac OS, Windows [Digital]

    Model: ADO951800V526
    Publisher: Adobe
    SKU: 6434519
    Release Date: 10/13/2020
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  2. Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 1TB (1-Year Subscription) - Mac OS, Windows [Digital] - Front_Zoom

    Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 1TB (1-Year Subscription) - Mac OS, Windows [Digital]

    Model: ADO951800V542
    Publisher: Adobe
    SKU: 6475625
    Release Date: 10/24/2021

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    Your price for this item is $239.88
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  4. MAGIX - Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (1-User) - Windows [Digital] - Front_Zoom

    MAGIX - Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (1-User) - Windows [Digital]

    Model: 10005
    Publisher: MAGIX
    SKU: 6479519
    Release Date: 10/12/2021

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $49.99

Buying photo editing software.

Photography editing software: What you should know.

If you own a camera or a smartphone, at some point you'll likely want to "fix" or manipulate your images to make them clearer, more vibrant, and closer to perfect. That's where photo editing software comes in…providing the tools you need for editing pictures. Photo editing can enhance your images in many ways, from adjusting and correcting colors, cropping, straightening or changing the aspect ratio, altering the exposure by brightening dark areas or darkening bright areas, changing contrast, toning or saturation and more. When you begin using your new photography editing software, you'll want to test drive it to establish all it can help you do relating to exposure, composition, color balance and correction, grain reduction, general touch-up and more.

Choosing the best photo editing software.

Most photography editing software will enable you to make basic adjustments to your images. Editing photography is not difficult by definition, as long as you select the best photo editing software for what you want to accomplish. In fact, you'll discover that several of the best photo editor applications feature intuitive, easy-use slider controls for making changes. More advanced picture editors give you the ability to apply masks, and work in layers, so you can enhance and adjust only certain parts of the image. They can also help you change the background or make the foreground subject stand out from the background better. Expect a steeper learning curve with more advanced photo manipulation.

Other considerations when you're selecting a photo editing software may very well include ease of output, and speed of processes, because you don't want to spend hours enhancing each photo you take. Also, easy sharing functions may be important if you expect to showcase your photos on social media or other websites. Finally, cataloging capabilities should be factored in to your decision. If you take tons of photos, you'll want to be able to find and access the ones you want quickly.

Other photo editing software considerations.

Picture editors enhance your photos yes, but they're more effective, and offer you more editing possibilities, when you use them with complete raw image photo data, rather than the .jpg images that have been processed by your camera. Raw image files are often significantly larger than standard .jpg files, so you may want to evaluate your storage options. Do you have enough storage on your computer? Are using a cloud storage tool? Or perhaps you'll want to look into getting a portable hard drive to give you the additional digital storage you need, or as a more portable option, USB flash drives, both of which can also provide you with backup capability. You may also want to think ahead to the viewing device you'll want to use during the editing process, to get the most accurate visual representation of your photos. For an accurate view, a 4K Ultra HD monitor will show you your photos in fine detail. Plus, you can also use the monitor for video editing, in the event that you find that your aptitude and interest extend beyond photography, to producing videos.

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