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  1. Hot Wheels - Super Mario Jungle Kingdom Raceway

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  2. Hot Wheels - Star Wars Starships Select (3-Pack) - Multi

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  3. Robosen - Transformers Optimus Prime Elite G1 - Multi

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Buying remote control toys and vehicles for kids.

New RC toys for creative play.

Remote control toys have come a long way. The newest RC toys feature technology that could scarcely be imagined a few decades ago. Many of the latest robot toys, remote control animals, and other electric toys are designed to connect with apps on Android and iOS devices. These enhancements can take your child’s enjoyment to the next level. Depending on your child’s preferences, RC drones are another great toy to spark their imagination. A kid can pretend to be a pilot while controlling a drone that hovers and flies. In addition, some drones for kids can take pictures or video. You can then download your footage directly to your computer or smartphone. If you are getting a motorized toy as a gift for the child in your life, think about getting household batteries, so they don’t run out of charge at inopportune moments. If you want to avoid batteries altogether, consider rechargeable toys that can be recharged overnight and ready for more fun the next day.

Play vehicles and electric toys for every age.

In addition to remote control toys, Best Buy has a large selection of toy cars that can provide hours of fun. If your child is into Hot Wheels, you can choose from a wide assortment of cars, trucks and playsets. RC cars are another fun option, as your child can take the car or truck around an indoor or outdoor track. With both RC cars and non-motorized toy cars, your child can let their imagination run wild. Older kids may prefer app-controlled toys that can be programmed to perform certain commands. Regardless who you are shopping for, remote control toys make great gifts for kids of all ages. If your looking for other ways to entertain your kids check out our list of 10 fun outdoor game ideas for kids and adults.

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