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  1. U-Line - 5.4 Cu. Ft. Built-In Mini Fridge - Stainless Steel

    Model: UORE124-SS01A
    SKU: 6312317
    Your price for this item is $3,059.00
  2. U-Line - 1 Class 5.7 cu. Ft Mini Fridge with Convection Cooling System - Stainless Steel

    Model: UHRE124-SS01A
    SKU: 6457244

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $2,199.00
  3. U-Line - 2000 Series 3.4 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge - Custom Panel Ready

    Model: U-2218RINT-00B
    SKU: 5424600
    Your price for this item is $2,729.00
  4. U-Line - 5 Class 72-Can Beverage Cooler - Custom Panel Ready

    Model: UHRE515-IS01A
    SKU: 6355558

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $3,899.00
  5. U-Line - 1 Class 3.1 cu ft Compact Refrigerator - Stainless Steel Solid

    Model: UHRE115-SS01A
    SKU: 6448335

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $2,119.00
  6. U-Line - 4.8 Cu. Ft. 1 Class Upright Convertible Freezer/Refrigerator - Custom Panel Ready

    Model: UHFZ124-IS01B
    SKU: 6503392

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $2,979.00
  7. Frigidaire - Retro 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge with Top Freezer - Platinum

    Model: EFR840-CREAM
    SKU: 6546997
    Your price for this item is $219.99
  8. Frigidaire - Retro 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge with Top Freezer - Mint

    Model: EFR840-MINT
    SKU: 6491846
    Your price for this item is $219.99
  9. NewAir - 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Mini Refrigerator with Freezer, Can Dispenser and Energy Star - Black

    Your price for this item is $229.99
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  11. RCA - 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge - Black

    Your price for this item is $269.99

Buying a mini fridge.

Choosing the best mini fridge.

Being a great addition to a college dorm room, an office, a rec room, a home bar and many other spots, a small refrigerator can accommodate food and drinks in plenty of locations for all sorts of occasions. Whether you’re designing an outdoor kitchen or outfitting your camper, you’ll want to consider a few important factors when selecting your mini fridge.

The biggest thing to consider is how much storage space you want and what that space needs to accommodate. You might want a mini fridge with freezer or a small refrigerator with gallon-door storage for accommodating several beverages. There are also some optional features you might enjoy. For instance, if you don’t already have a standalone ice maker, you might want a mini fridge with an ice maker for your at-home bar setup.

How your mini fridge looks and fits in with your other appliances also matters, especially for people who often entertain a lot of guests. Sleekly stainless steel mini fridges pair well with just about anything while retro fun colored mini fridges can add a nice touch to a game room or an outdoor kitchen.

Getting the most out of your mini fridge.

Thinking about the other kitchen appliances you’ll want nearby should also be taken into consideration when setting up your mini fridge or small refrigerator with freezer. If you are choosing a dorm fridge, you will likely want a compact microwave to go with it so that you can heat up easy meals and leftovers. A toaster oven is also a useful choice for cooking and reheating food in compact spaces.

If you’re outfitting a small office kitchen or a camper, you will definitely want to look at getting a coffee maker to help yourself and others get started in the morning. French presses and drip coffee makers are also great options for brewing up your favorite morning blends.

For an outdoor kitchen intended for entertaining, you might consider an outdoor pizza oven to add to the fun party atmosphere. Guests can make their own mini pizzas or simply enjoy a hot pie fresh from the oven. For parties, you may also want a blender for margaritas, pina coladas or other mixed drinks. To get your outdoor festivities going, look at these summer backyard fun ideas and enjoy!

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