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  1. GE - 30" Built-In Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel on Black

  2. Monogram - 48" Built-In Gas Cooktop with 6 Burners - Stainless Steel

    Model: ZGU486NDTSS
    SKU: 6445208
  3. Thermador - Masterpiece 30" Built-In Gas Cooktop with 5 Pedestal Star Burners and ExtraLow Select - Stainless Steel

  4. Frigidaire - Professional 30" Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel

  5. Café - 36" Electric Cooktop, Customizable - Matte Black

    Model: CEP70362MS1
    SKU: 6283633
  6. Dacor - Transitional 48" Built-In Gas Rangetop with 6 Burners and Griddle - Silver Stainless Steel

    Model: DTT48T963GS/DA
    SKU: 6528574

    Not Yet Reviewed

  7. Amana - 30" Built-In Electric Cooktop - Black

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  9. New!Viking - 36-inch wide Induction Rangetop - Stainless/black glass

    Model: VIRT5366BSS
    SKU: 6557018

    Not Yet Reviewed

  10. Fisher & Paykel - 48 in Professional Gas Rangetop 8 Burners in Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel

    Model: CPV3-488-N
    SKU: 6457846

    Not Yet Reviewed

  11. LG - 36" Built-In Electric Cooktop with 5 elements and Warming Zone - Black

  12. Thermador - Masterpiece Series 36" Built-In Electric Induction Cooktop with 5 elements and Frameless Design - Black

    Model: CIT365TB
    SKU: 6089938

    Not Yet Reviewed

  13. KitchenAid - 36" Built-In Electric Cooktop with 5 Burners and 10''/6'' Even-Heat Ultra Power Element with Simmer Setting - Black

  14. Forno Appliances - Spezia 48" Built-In Gas Cooktop with 8 Sealed Brass Burners and LP Conversion Kit

    Model: FCTGS5751-48
    SKU: 6524197
  15. KitchenAid - 30" Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel

  16. GE - 36" Electric Cooktop - White on White

    Model: JP3536TJWW
    SKU: 5009802
  17. JennAir - RISE 36" Built-In Gas Cooktop - Stainless Steel

    Model: JGCP436HL
    SKU: 6339617
  18. Bertazzoni - Master Series 48" Gas Rangetop 6 Burners plus electric griddle - Stainless Steel

    Model: MAST486GRTBXT
    SKU: 6453985

    Not Yet Reviewed

  19. Whirlpool - 21" Built-In Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel

Selecting a Stovetop.

Finding the best cooktop for you.

If you’re confused about the difference between a cooktop and a range, the distinction boils down to the fact that a range merely combines an oven and a cooktop. However, separating the cooktop from the oven has become increasingly popular because many people enjoy having a countertop stove on an island or other convenient surface and setting the wall ovens off to the side where opening and closing them won’t interfere with other meal prep.

This setup also makes it easier to choose different heat sources for each appliance. For instance, you might want a gas cooktop and an electric convection oven. If you want to create this pairing in one appliance, you would have to choose a dual fuel range, but separating the cooktop from the oven is often the easier option.

When choosing between top stove design options, consider what hookups are available in your kitchen and what cooking preferences you have. Gas hobs are popular and are typically the top stoves used in restaurants, but you need a gas hookup. Electric stovetops can take longer to heat up and cool down, but you might like electric induction cooktops if you want to avoid hot burners altogether. Induction burners work by passing electromagnetic energy directly to your induction-compatible cookware, causing your pot or pan to generate heat without heating the burner. The induction and electric stove top are flatter than the top of a gas stove, making cleanup much more convenient.

Adding stovetop burners to your kitchen.

Size is a big factor when it comes to making your installation simple. Start by measuring the width, length and depth of the cutout where your cooktop will be mounted to determine whether you have enough clearance. Measurements should account for the space directly below your cutout, the space between the back edge of the cutout and the back wall, and the space between the front edge of the cutout and the front of the cabinet.

You should stick to the same dimensions if you’re replacing a previous cooktop. When doing the installation yourself, you will want to know how to safely connect the gas or electric line. For electric, you’ll need to know how many volts are available for your cooktop before you purchase one. If this sounds complicated, you’ll be glad to know that professional kitchen appliance installation is one of the specialties at Best Buy. So, you can always rely on us to make your job easier.

You will also need to install a range hood, which is required above most cooktop, stovetop and hob designs. For ease of placement, range hoods come in a wide variety of options, including under-cabinet range hoods and island range hoods. You can also choose an over-the-range microwave. Whether you’re doing a major kitchen remodel or just looking for a new stovetop, you might also benefit from a quick look through this range and cooktop buying guide.

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