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  1. Newman's Own - Own Organics Special Blend K-Cup Pods (48-Pack)

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  2. Café Escapes - Chai Latte Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, 24 Count

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Buying K-Cups.

Finding the best K-cup coffee for your tastes.

Single-serve coffee machines are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. While drip coffee makers and pour-over coffee makers can brew a larger amount of coffee each time, single-serve makers, like Keurig, offer a convenient way to make hot beverages that accommodate individual tastes. They can be great for offices, families with diverse tastes, or parties.

If you're an avid coffee drinker, there's a good chance you have particular preferences when it comes to what Keurig coffee pods you’re going to buy. For instance, there are many assorted brands and flavors of K-Cup coffee, tea, and hot cocoa available. So, if you’re unsure which Keurig pods to try, consider buying a variety pack that allows you to taste several options rather than buying a whole package of 40+ pods that might sit unused in your pantry.

Aside from type of beverage and flavor, there are also varying prices and levels of caffeine content between distinct brands and brews of Keurig K-cups. Once you find the hot cocoa, espresso or coffee K-cups that you like best, you can ensure that you won’t run out by enrolling in Best Buy’s Easy Replenish program. With this, you can choose a delivery schedule for a fresh supply of K-cup pods. Plus, you’ll enjoy free shipping on all orders and you can adjust the frequency or cancel your enrollment at any time.

Storing Keurig pods.

Whether you have a have a single-serve coffee maker for an office or one for home, you need a place to store Keurig K-cup pods that’s efficient, accessible, and compact. A K-cup holder is a good way to organize your selections. Many of these Keurig pod holders are designed as carousels to make the best use of counter space. You can also choose a K-cup storage drawer that goes beneath your machine. These are more discrete and can help keep the countertop uncluttered.

Additionally, there are Keurig pods that aren’t meant for drinking but that are essential to maintaining your machine. Keurig rinse pods are one of several Keurig accessories that clean the lines of your Keurig coffee maker. And because the water you use can affect the taste of your brew, Keurig water filter replacement cartridges remove mineral buildup in the water lines. With organization for your K-cup pods in place and the right tools for maintenance, you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your Keurig machine.

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