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  1. Wagan Tech - SlimLine 500W Power Inverter - Black

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Buying a power inverter.

Choosing the best car power inverter for your needs.

Many people don't know what a power inverter is, though it can positively affect their travel and leisure, plus come in handy during home power outages. To understand the usefulness of a power inverter, you should recognize the difference between AC and DC power. Alternating current, or AC power, comes from the outlets in your home or business while direct current, or DC power comes from batteries, like your car battery. Typically, a 12V inverter takes DC power from a battery and converts it to AC power so you can operate appliances and electronics that use a standard plug.

To choose the right power inverter for your car or truck, determine both your budget and the kinds of devices you'd like to power while on the road. If you want to power devices that use only a small amount of power, like a Blu-ray player or Nintendo Switch console, you can probably get by with a low-cost, low-watt power inverter. However, if you need an RV inverter for a long road trip and want to power a coffee maker or hair dryer, you should invest in a higher wattage, though typically more costly, model.

Some power inverters can be plugged into the DC accessory port in your car while higher wattage versions will probably need to be connected directly to your car's battery or to your vehicle's fuse panel. Keep in mind that you will probably need to run your car's engine at least some of the time while using a battery power inverter so that the car's alternator can keep the car battery charged while powering your AC devices. 

Benefits of traveling with a car inverter.

If you have a car inverter when you travel, you can plug in just about any electronic device from your home while you are on the road. While you can power a cellphone or tablet, or even recharge your AirPods from your car's DC current, other appliances that come in handy while traveling or camping can be powered using an inverter: televisions, heaters, power tools and more. Consider investing in a power inverter that includes multiple outlets as well as USB ports so that the whole family can charge up their electronic devices simultaneously. Lastly, keep your family safe by investing in a power inverter that includes protection against heat and voltage surges and will automatically shut down before your electronics are damaged.

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