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  1. Kodak - FLIK HD9 Smart Projector, 1080p Portable Movie Projector with Android TV, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Built-In Speakers - Black

    Your price for this item is $249.99
  2. ViewSonic - X2000B-4K 3840 x 2160 4K UHD Laser Wireless Ultra Short Throw Projector - Black

    Model: X2000B-4K
    SKU: 6508901
    Your price for this item is $1,953.99
    The previous price was $2,199.99
  3. Optoma - UHD35x 4K UHD Projector with High Dynamic Range - White

    Your price for this item is $999.00
  4. XGIMI - MoGo 2 Pro 1080p Full HD Portable Projector - Sandstone-textured Mocha Gold

    Your price for this item is $449.99
    The previous price was $499.99
  5. BenQ - X3100i 4K HDR 4LED Gaming Projector - White

    Your price for this item is $2,399.00
  6. Optoma - UHZ66 Laser 4K DLP Projector with High Dynamic Range - White

    Your price for this item is $2,299.00
  7. Vankyo - X3 Native 1080P Wireless Single LCD Projector - White

    Your price for this item is $229.99
    The previous price was $299.99
  8. Sony - VPLXW6000ES 4K HDR Laser Home Theater Projector with Native 4K SXRD Panel - Black

    Model: VPLXW6000ES
    SKU: 6506687
    Your price for this item is $11,999.99
  9. GPX - Projector with Bluetooth - Black

    Your price for this item is $159.99
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  11. Optoma - HD30LV 1080p DLP Projector with High Dynamic Range - White

    Your price for this item is $749.00
  12. Kodak - FLIK HD10 Smart Projector, 1080p Bluetooth & Wifi Projector with Android TV & Built-In 5W Speakers - Black

    Model: RODPJSHD10
    SKU: 6553346
    Your price for this item is $269.99
  13. JVC DLANZ800 D-ILA 8K/4K Laser Home Projector 2700lm 100,000:1 Native Contrast, 8K/60P 4K/120P, HDR10+, Frame Adapt HDR - Black

    Model: DLA-NZ800
    SKU: 6582019

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $15,999.95
  14. AAXA - P7+ Native 1080p Smart Mini DLP Projector, 2.5 Hour Battery, WiFi, BT, Wireless Mirroring, Streaming Apps, USB-C Input - Gray

    Your price for this item is $299.99
  15. AAXA - P8 Smart Mini DLP Projector, Android 10.0, WiFi, Bluetooth, Wireless Mirroring, Streaming Apps, HDMI USB-C Inputs - Gray

    Your price for this item is $224.00
  16. VAVA - 4K via Upscaling UHD Smart Ultra Short Throw Laser TV Home Theater Projector - Black

    Your price for this item is $2,799.99
  17. AAXA - SLC450 Short Throw Native 1080p Smart Mini Projector, Wireless Mirroring, Streaming Apps, WiFi Bluetooth, 4-Way Keystone - Space Gray

    Your price for this item is $209.00
  18. Vankyo - Vista T4 4K UNative Triple Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector, Smart Content TV Stick Included - Silver

    Your price for this item is $2,499.99
    The previous price was $3,499.99
  19. Epson - 120" EpiqVision Ultra LS500 4K via Upscaling PRO-UHD Short Throw Laser Projector with HDR (screen included) - Black

    Model: LS500BATV120EP
    SKU: 6429446
    Your price for this item is $5,399.99
    The regular price is $5,999.98

Buying a home theater projector.

Finding the best home theater projector for you.

When it comes to choosing the best projector for home theater, the first thing to consider is how much space you have between the movie projector and the projector screen. For spaces where the distance between the two is minimal, you will need either a short throw projector or an ultra-short throw projector. Both types have many remote control included projectors to choose from for optimal convenience.

There are many resolution options, so it is important to understand the difference between 1080p and 4K before buying a projector. Full HD projectors, 4K home theater projectors and even 3D technology projectors are all available. However, unless if you will be watching movies on Blu-ray or programs that have been downloaded, a projector with 4K may be unnecessary. That’s because, if you are mainly watching programs through a streaming service subscription, you might be unable to achieve 4K resolution due to Wi-Fi bandwidth limitations. The lumen level also impacts the home movie projector image. The more lumens, the brighter the image. Projectors displaying 1499 lumens and under  will work well in dark rooms but projectors displaying more than 2500 lumens will help your image remain crisp and visible in a wider range of lighting environments.

Finally, you will need to consider sound when shopping for the best home projector for your needs. If you want an all-in-one device, you must look for a projector with integrated speakers. However, you will achieve better sound if you use dedicated home theater speakers with your home theater projector because they will provide much more dynamic sound range, including surround sound.

Getting the most out of your home theater projector.

In-home projectors are a great way to enjoy a big screen experience without going out to the movies, but they can take a little know-how to install. If you have never bolted heavy equipment like a projector mount into your ceiling or dealt with electrical wiring, you might want to seek out the help of professional home theater installation services.

If you’re installing a home theater projector, you might want to consider home theater seating, providing you and your guests with a comfy space to sit. Entertainment lighting and light strips can add a little flair to your space, too. And of course, no movie should be without snacks and drinks, so adding a popcorn maker and a beverage refrigerator or a mini fridge to your room will really make the theatrical experience come to life.

If you don't have a dedicated entertainment space, you can keep things a little simpler by choosing a portable mini projector that you can take out or put away as needed. A mini projector can be great for small apartment settings, and it’s also a good projector for outdoor movies.