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  1. Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector for Gaming and Movies | Support for 4K Input - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: HD28HDR
    SKU: 6404178
  2. Optoma - GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector with Enhanced Gaming Mode for 1080p 120Hz, Support for 4K Input - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: GT1080HDR
    SKU: 6379636
  3. Optoma - UHD50X 4K UHD Projector with HDR10 & HLG - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: UHD50X
    SKU: 6404176
  4. Optoma - GT780 Short Throw Projector for Gaming & Movies HD Ready 720p + 1080p Support 3800 Lumens 3D Built-in Speaker - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: GT780
    SKU: 6469927
  5. Optoma - CinemaX P2 Smart True 4K UHD ultra-short throw laser home theater projector - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: CinemaXP2
    SKU: 6426680
  6. Optoma - UHD38 4K UHD Projector with 4000 Lumens, 240Hz Refresh Rate, Enhanced Gaming Mode 4.2ms Response Time, HDR10 & HLG - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: UHD38
    SKU: 6455583
  7. Optoma - HZ39HDR 1080p Laser Projector with High Dynamic Range - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: HZ39HDR
    SKU: 6402878
  8. Optoma - UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector with 3600 Lumens, 4.2ms Response Time with Enhanced Gaming Mode - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: UHD35
    SKU: 6450785
  9. Optoma - GT1090HDR 1080p DLP Projector with High Dynamic Range - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: GT1090HDR
    SKU: 6402880
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  11. Optoma - GT5600 Ultra-short throw 1080p Home Entertainment Projector for Movies and Gaming - White - Front_Zoom
    Model: GT5600
    SKU: 6360176

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