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  1. Samson - SR Wired Over-the-Ear Headphones - Silver, Black

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Purchasing wired headphones.

Finding the best wired headphones.

While wireless headphones are popular thanks to their convenience factor, wired headphones are still the preferred choice of sound professionals because of their reliability. Additionally, when choosing wired earbuds and headphones, you can often find higher technical specs at lower prices. So, you can choose the headphone features you want without spending as much.

With some features, such as headphones with active noise cancelling, you will find a wide range of price points. Active noise cancellation monitors ongoing sounds in your area and creates soundwaves that invert those frequencies in order to keep them from reaching your ears. The more fine-tuned and precise the noise-cancellation technology, the more expensive the wired headphones will be.

Other features to consider include sound isolation, a foldable design and a built-in microphone. Wired headphones with mic are a must if you will be making phone or video calls with your headphones.

How to get the most out of your wired headphones.

Getting the most out of your new wired earbuds or headphones starts with choosing a pair that suits your needs. The best wired earbuds or headphones for you will fit in the bag or case you want to carry them in and bring you the features you want. If you talk on your headphones while in busy places, the best wired headphones with mic for you will be headphones with a noise-cancelling mic.

Once you have a handle on exactly what you need, it all comes down to reading the instruction manual so that you understand how to use the features of your new headphones or earbuds. You also want to learn how to clean your wired earbuds or headphones to maintain the performance of the technology and for your own personal hygiene.

To keep your earbuds or headphones protected while traveling, make sure you keep them in a headphone case. This will also make them easy to find in your bag.

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