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  1. LG - 35" LED Curved UltraWide QHD AMD Freesync Monitor with HDR (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB) - Black

    Model: 35WN75CN-B.AUS
    SKU: 6508969
  2. New!MSI - OPTIXMAG342CQR 34" LED Curved Ultrawide QHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor(DisplayPort, HDMI) - Black

    Model: Optix MAG342CQR
    SKU: 6544812

    Not Yet Reviewed

  3. ASUS - TUF Gaming 34"LCD Curved WQHD FreeSync Monitor (2 x HDMI 2.0 Input, 2 x DisplayPort 1.4 Input, 1 x USB Type-B Input)

  4. LG - 49" IPS LED Curved Ultrawide DQHD FreeSync and G-SYNC Compatible Monitor with HDR (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB)

    Model: 49WQ95C-W.AUS
    SKU: 6513289
  5. Samsung - 34” Odyssey G5 1000R Curved 1ms 165Hz QHD FreeSync Prem Gaming Monitor - Black

    Model: LC34G55TWWNXZA
    SKU: 6445082
  6. Samsung - 34" S6 ViewFinity Ultra Wide 1000R Curved QHD FreeSync Monitor with HDR

    Model: LS34A650UBNXGO
    SKU: 6522486
  7. BenQ - PD3420Q 34" IPS LED 60Hz WQHD Monitor with HDR Mac Compatible (USB-C/ HDMI/ DP)

    Model: PD3420Q
    SKU: 6526116

    Not Yet Reviewed

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  9. New!Acer - AOPEN 34HC5CUR Pbiiphx 34” LED UWQHD Curved FreeSync Monitor (1 x Display Port 1.4 & 2 x HDMI 2.0 Ports)

    Model: 34HC5CUR PBIIPHX
    SKU: 6542688

    Not Yet Reviewed

  10. LG - 40” IPS LED Curved UltraWide WHUD Monitor with HDR (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB) - Silver/White

  11. LG - 38” IPS LED Curved UltraWide QHD+ Monitor with HDR (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB) - Silver/White

    Model: 38WP85C-W
    SKU: 6500491
  12. ASUS - ROG Strix 49” Curved FHD 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor with HDR (DisplayPort,HDMI,USB) - Black

  13. CORSAIR - Xeneon Flex 45” OLED Bendable QHD 240Hz 0.03ms FreeSync and G-SYNC Compatible Monitor with HDR10 (HDMI, DisplayPort) - Black

    Model: CM-9030001-NA
    SKU: 6530600
  14. LG - 38” UltraWide 21:9 Curved WQHD+ Nano IPS HDR Monitor with Thunderbolt 3 and G-SYNC Compatibility - Silver

  15. HP - 34" LED Curved WQHD Monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C) - Black

  16. Viotek - GNV30CBXA Advanced 30-Inch Curved 200Hz Gaming Monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort) - Black

  17. Samsung - 890 Series 34" LCD UltraWide Curved QHD FreeSync Monitor, (HDMI 2.0, USB-C Cable) - Black/Titanium

    Model: C34H890WGN
    SKU: 6417384
  18. AOC - AG493UCX2 49" LCD 4K UWHD Gaming Monitor - Black/Red

    Model: AG493UCX2
    SKU: 6531346
  19. LG - 34” UltraWide FHD HDR FreeSync Monitor with USB Type C - Black

    Model: 34WP65G-B.AUS
    SKU: 6451070

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