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  1. TP-Link - Kasa Smart 2K HD Pan Tilt Home Security Camera, Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, SD Card Storage - Black/White

  2. Ring - Alarm Glass Break Sensor (2-Pack) - White

  3. Wasserstein - Solar Panel for Ring Spotlight Camera Battery and Ring Stick Up Camera Battery - Black

    Model: RingSpotSolarBlkUS
    SKU: 6315223
  4. eufy Security - Smart Home Security Alarm Motion Sensor Add-on - White

  5. Vosker - V150 Outdoor Wire Free 1080p Full HD Security Camera - Color by day, infrared by night

  6. Wyze - Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p HD Smart Garage Door Opener and Security Camera - White

  7. Mountable Solar Kit for Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus - Black

    Model: 8EA8S9-0EN0
    SKU: 6419760
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  9. Arlo - Home Security System with Wired Keypad Sensor Hub and (2) 8-in-1 Sensors - White

    Model: SS1201-100NAS
    SKU: 6517936
  10. Wasserstein - Battery Charger for Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, and Ring Video Doorbell 2 - Black

    SKU: 6403462
  11. Ring - Alarm Pro Home Security Kit 8 Pieces - White

  12. Night Owl - 10 Channel 6 Camera Wireless 2K 1TB NVR Security System - White

    Model: BTWN81-F4-6L
    SKU: 6540776
  13. Key Fob Remote for SimpliSafe Systems - Black

  14. Chamberlain - MyQ Smart Garage Video Keypad – Battery Operated - White

  15. Blink - 2 Indoor (3rd Gen) Wireless 1080p Security System with up to two-year battery life - White

  16. Wyze - Wireless Video Doorbell Camera Pro - White

  17. Keypad for Level Bolt or Any Level Smart Lock - White

  18. Wyze - Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p HD Security Camera - White

  19. Wasserstein - Solar Panel for Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor, Battery - 2.5W Solar Power - Made for Google Nest (2 Pack) - White

    Model: NestOut2Solar2PKWhtUSA
    SKU: 6523807

Buying home security protection.

What is smart home security?

Smart home monitoring uses internet-connected devices to alert you to suspicious activity around your property. You can set up a home security system independently or integrate it with a wider smart home system, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Integrating it can allow you to control it via a smart home speaker, but you can also coordinate the various components of your security system remotely by using an app on your phone or other device.

A smart security system gives you greater control over your home's security while you’re away or asleep, allowing you some welcome peace of mind. In addition to security basics, like smart doorbells and cameras, smart home security systems include devices like window and door sensors and outdoor motion-sensor spotlights and floodlights. Choosing the right home security system for your home involves combining the right elements for your space and needs.

Choosing the best home security equipment for you.

When selecting home protection products, it’s important to consider what access points you need to cover, how much space you want to monitor, whether you want compatibility with a smart home system and what home security options will fit within your budget. If you need a basic home surveillance system for an apartment, you may want to concentrate on door and window alarms and a smart doorbell. For a larger property, you’ll want to add outdoor cameras and possibly security lighting as well.

You will also want to consider available features. For instance, do you want security cameras with night-vision capabilities? Do you want to record audio on your devices? Finally, you will want to have reliable and secure Wi-Fi, including a possible backup security Wi-Fi system, so that your devices will be reliably connected. For the best Wi-Fi coverage, you might consider Mesh Wi-Fi systems or look at smart security packages that offer their own encrypted Wi-Fi network.

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