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  1. ProForm - Carbon TL Treadmill - Black - Front_Zoom

    ProForm - Carbon TL Treadmill - Black

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  2. ProForm - Pro 9000 Treadmill - Black - Front_Zoom

    ProForm - Pro 9000 Treadmill - Black

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  3. Schwinn - 810 Treadmill - Black - Front_Zoom

    Schwinn - 810 Treadmill - Black

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  5. Bowflex - Treadmill 22 - Black - Angle_Zoom

    Bowflex - Treadmill 22 - Black

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Shop some of the best treadmill brands.

Health benefits of the best treadmills.

It can be a challenge to get to the gym or even outside. That’s why having a treadmill for your home is an easy decision when it comes to investing in your physical fitness. A running machine is obviously great for running, but the ability to change the pace and incline means that you can enjoy everything from a slow walk, to a brisk jog, to a full-out sprint. Many treadmills feature touch screens or software that monitors things like your heart rate and distance, so you don’t have to worry about auxiliary activity trackers or heart rate monitor to see and understand how your time on a treadmill impacts your health. The physical benefits of a treadmill are great to mix in if you’re a road runner; treadmills feature a shock-absorbent tread to keep some of the shock off your feet while you run. Plus, you can enjoy the pre-programmed workouts that a treadmill offers. You’ll love the heart health benefits of a treadmill and enjoy tracking your progress along the way.

Home gym treadmill features and accessories.

If you choose to forego the pre-programmed or on-demand walks or runs with audio, an exercise on the treadmill is the perfect time to connect your sports headphones and catch up on your favorite music or podcast. If you prefer to run without any audio at all, you’ll love that these treadmills all feature a smooth, quiet run so you can really clear your head. Easily keep your smartphone nearby with a workout phone holder or just utilize the built-in storage components on the treadmill. Even just a few minutes of exercise on the treadmill per day will benefit you physically and mentally.

How to get the best workout from your running machine. 

You can find treadmills for sale at a lot of places but finding the best treadmill for you will largely depend on how you want to work out. A cheap treadmill may not do the trick if you’re looking for a highly customized running machine or an incline treadmill that challenges your workouts. A HIIT workout or interval training on a running machine is one way to build up your strength and stamina, just make sure you have your water bottle handy. You could consider a less expensive treadmill if you’re looking for no frills or  don't need cutting-edge technology and just want to enjoy the feeling of your feet moving beneath you.

Just like walking or running outside, you’ll enjoy plenty of room to move around on a treadmill. These running machines are designed to make room for your arms, elbows and legs so you can run however you’re most comfortable – whether that’s holding on to bars or letting your arms swing freely. Treadmill controls are easy to adjust so you can change the tread speed or incline whenever you need to.

Another one of the best reasons to buy a running machine? Many are foldable treadmills so you can pack up the treadmill and store it out of the way when not in use. Folding treadmills are great for any size home gym, especially if you have a smaller space.

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