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  1. TP-Link - AC1750 Gigabit Wi-Fi Range Extender - White

    Your price for this item is $79.99
  2. NETGEAR - Orbi 860 Series AX6000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Satellite - White

    Model: RBS860-100NAS
    SKU: 6524991
    Your price for this item is $429.99
  3. HPE Aruba - Instant On AP22 Wireless Access Point - White

    Your price for this item is $194.99
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Buying a Wi-Fi extender.

What is a Wi-Fi booster? 

In most homes, internet access is important due to more people working remotely and family members connecting to the Wi-Fi network on media streaming devices. However, getting reliable connectivity to every corner of your house can be a challenge because the size and material construction of your home, as well as other appliances in use, can impact the signal and create dead zones. Given all the variables, even an up-to-date router that supports the latest Wi-Fi standards can struggle to provide a consistent, whole-home signal. That’s why you may want to consider getting a Wi-Fi range extender, or booster. Wi-Fi signal boosters can be wireless, or they can be designed to plug in using powerline adapters, which extend Wi-Fi to any room in your house by accessing the existing network through a standard electrical outlet. These versions are also easy to set up and sometimes have a port for ethernet cables to connect additional devices. By placing a Wi-Fi extender in a room other than where the original Wi-Fi source exists, you can enhance coverage in areas of your home that aren’t receiving a consistent, strong Wi-Fi signal. A Wi-Fi range extender can also provide a faster response and strong coverage outside on your patio or deck, and even farther into the backyard or garage.

Choosing the best Wi-Fi extender for you.

Since homes vary in size, even the best Wi-Fi extender needs to be set up in the optimal place to rebroadcast the Wi-Fi signal to the greatest reach possible. Positioning the Wi-Fi repeater in proximity to your router is key to its effectiveness and, depending on where the router is, will inform your choice between a freestanding wireless extender that can sit on a desk and one that you plug in or mount on a wall. Gamers know to place their Wi-Fi signal booster in between the router and their gaming device to get the best experience possible with faster data download speeds. Audiophiles use Wi-Fi extenders to amplify the reach of their wireless speakers, whether they’re listening to music downstairs in the entertainment room or outside on the patio with friends. If you need help deciding on the best Wi-Fi booster for your home, check out our Wi-Fi network tips & tricks. As always, Best Buy’s Geek Squad® is available to help install your Wi-Fi extender and optimize your home for maximum Wi-Fi network performance and security with our home Wi-Fi setup service

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