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  1. Lynx - Professional Electric Heater - Stainless Steel

    Model: LHEM48-NG
    SKU: 5705191

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $3,179.00
  2. Heat Storm - 1500 Watt Electric Infrared Heater - Black

    Model: HS-1500-TC
    SKU: 6510941
    Your price for this item is $130.99
    The previous price was $149.99
  3. Bromic Heating - Outdoor Heater - Tungsten Portable - LPG - 38,500 BTU - Black

    Model: BH0510001/BH0510002
    SKU: 6505183
    Your price for this item is $2,088.00
  4. Fire Sense - Natural Gas Patio Heater - Stainless Steel

    Your price for this item is $559.99
  5. Bromic Heating - Outdoor Heater - Eclipse Electric & Dimmer Controller - 2900W - 220-240V - Black

    Model: BH0920002
    SKU: 6530514

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $2,872.00
  6. Heat Storm - 6000 Watt Infrared Heater - Gray

    Model: HS-6000-OTR
    SKU: 6510961

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    Your price for this item is $631.99
    The previous price was $799.99
  7. Bromic Heating - Wireless Master Remote - 42 Channels - Use with Dimmer Controller - Black

    Model: BH3130012
    SKU: 6505179

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $190.00
  8. Cuisinart - Propane Patio Heater - Stainless Steel

    Your price for this item is $199.99
    The previous price was $279.99
  9. Cuisinart - Tabletop Patio Heater Cover - Gray

    Your price for this item is $29.99
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  11. Cuisinart - Perfect Position Patio Cover - Gray

    Your price for this item is $59.99

Buying a patio heater.

Choosing the best outdoor heater for your patio.

One of the first decisions you need to make when choosing an outdoor heater is whether you prefer a propane patio heater or an electric patio heater. Many freestanding outdoor patio heater designs use propane because you can move the heater freely without worrying about finding a nearby outlet. Typically using the same size propane tank as most gas grills, outdoor gas heaters are exclusively for outdoor use. This is because they require proper ventilation since propane is extremely unsafe to use indoors.

Wall-mounted deck heaters and ceiling-mounted porch heaters are also ideal for warming up your outside living space. Since these heaters are mounted and don’t need to be moved around, they can be conveniently wired to an electrical outlet. If an outlet isn’t near where you want to keep your heater, you can always utilize an extension cord. When selecting and installing an electric patio heater, be sure to pay attention to the voltage needs of the model you choose.

Benefits of an outdoor patio heater.

An outdoor heater can help you make use of your patio furniture and decor during every season, letting you enjoy the fresh air all year long. Plus, they are incredibly easy to use since most models have straightforward controls and ignition systems. If you are researching how to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams, get the most out of your heater by adding outdoor speakers to the mix. Outdoor TVs are also worth considering if you want to enjoy a ball game while staying nice and warm from your outdoor heating.

When you’re designing your outdoor space for evening use, don’t forget about the importance of outdoor lighting, both for security purposes and for the comfort of your guests. Solar outdoor lights are convenient for lighting pathways and steps. Depending on your climate, you may also want an insect-repellent device to keep yourself and your guests more comfortable through the evening hours.

If your outdoor area needs a cozy centerpiece, you might enjoy the ambiance of a fire pit for warmth, but you could also install mounted heaters or keep a tabletop patio heater or a freestanding heater on hand. And, if you’re worried about safety, most patio heaters include a tip-over safety switch and an auto shut-off feature. It’s recommended to look over the safety features of the outdoor patio heater you are considering before purchasing.

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